Monday, October 24, 2011

How Do I Talk To My Body?

A Prayer for my Post Baby Body.

I'm being featured over at Studio30Plus today, with words sent up to the goddess of all post bearing children.

I hope she hears me.

Wanna chant along? [couldn't hurt] I hope to see you here.

Very cool website for bloggers 30 and over

**If you're here from Studio30Plus: Welcome! and thanks for following me home. Look around some of my favorite posts on the Popular Posts page, hope you like them.

Want to know more about Studio 30 Plus? S30Plus is a place where you can read interesting, out of the ordinary posts, and meet bloggers that you may not have met otherwise.

They also have thought provoking weekly prompts that kick your bloggy brain into inspired mode: this week: "These Things I Know."

If you're not a member there, join up. Register, then click on Magazine, and Create a Blog: have others read something a little different from you.

Make your Maudlin Monday something special today.



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