Monday, November 8, 2010

Ideas For Making Money: Baby E Post

This job costs 50 cents

Hello! It's finally a time where Baby E can post. Mondays are his days, and we've been so busy. But, finally, soccer and football are we are back. As always, he speaks, I type. I am just the royal scribe to Baby Emperor's decrees.  Thanks for being here... and here are his thoughts for the week:

Hi. It's Me. And I have lots of stuff to talk about today.

The important stuff has to be first. The most important thing is how to make money. This is about how I make money. You can tell your kids these ideas. They work.

First, you can just ask for it. Sometimes, you can say, "Mom, can I have a quarter?" and sometimes your mom and dad will just say yes.

I always make money that way first.

Next, I go to jobs. There are always jobs. My mom always has jobs for me because there is lots she didn't do. Like to vacuum is easy and good and I like it. She plugs it in for me and that job costs her 50 cents to give to me. She always says yes to that job.

Also, there is picking up the garbage cans from all around and bringing them downstairs. That job is a quarter. That is easy and that is a good job, too.

My favorite way to make money is to do Classes. I will tell you about that. After that, I do Shows. I will tell you about that.

I do Domino School. You can learn Dominoes from me for 35 cents for 10 minutes. I will show you how to build any pattern you want, or I will build you a pattern, but I will let you knock it down.

Everyone in my house likes when I make a sign for Domino School.

Oh! When you do a school, you have to make a sign telling of when your school is, and where, and how much.  You just can't sit and wait for people to come. You have to make signs. Then you have to announce super loud with your hands making cups over your mouth, "DOMINO SCHOOL!"

This one is so easy. Draw a picture, your mom will buy anything you draw. Also, put her name on it and say, I Love You, and she will buy it.

Also, make a sign that says you are selling art.  You have to do that. Then make pictures of what your family likes. My brother likes bugs, my other brother likes anything, my dad likes cars, and my mom likes flowers. Make it in their favorite colors. Those pictures are 10 cents. Make a sign. Also, you can make drawings on demand, that means right away. My sign says, "wait...then enjoy!"

Put on shows. Make stuff for your shows, and then put clothes on to match your show's name. You have to make a sign.

Today I did a show that was a play. It was a house made of paper that I cut and taped into a circle from big paper, and then cut out animals.  I made a sign.

The truth is this:  I haven't really made up the play yet. The truth is that I make up the play as I go along, but I don't tell anyone that because I want them to buy tickets.Tickets are 50 cents.

This only works if you have collections. People don't want to buy extra stuff that doesn't rhyme together. They like to come and look at collections. I have a rock collection from all the places we go to that sell rocks, and I line them all up and they are 5 rocks for a quarter. And people like to see collections and choose for themselves. I am open from 10:00 until 6:00.

I will read to you for 25 cents a chapter. You pick. My dad picks the Wall Street Journal. Then he laughs. I don't get it.

I will give you advice and solve your problems. I am very good at it. My dad always ask me what to do about work and I tell him. Advice is 10 cents.

In the morning, I give my mom choices of what she can have me call her all day. She says she loves this a lot and always buys this.

I say to her, "Mom, what do you want me to call you all day?" And you have to do what your mom picks all day for you to call her. I give her these choices. And she picks and I do it all day:

My Mom's Choices For All Day:

"What is your bidding, O mighty pharaoh?"

"Yes, my Liege."

"As you wish..."

"I shall return with your bidding.."

"How can I serve you, my queen?"

"What can I offer you today?"

"Yes, O Wise One."

"Speak it, and it shall be done."

"I shall not fail you, O Supreme Commander."

When she picks out what she wants me to say all day, I have to say it and bow down at the same time.

She always pays for that.


ALSO: come see me in Hollywood. I am on another blog in Hollywood, here!



  1. Great ideas... where were you when my kids were growing up!!!

  2. Oh my goodness...these are fabulous ideas! And, there are so many things I could say about this wonderful post, but I guess I will agree that if something says, "I Love You" people will buy it.
    I didn't learn that until high school, so you are way ahead of things, Baby E!

  3. Baby E rocks... I will go with that reading... will keep these ideas in mind for my children!

  4. e,

    you totally rock! these are some great suggestions. you have quite the entreprenuerial mind. why have you not shared your art with us? you know you may be able to make even more by letting us see it, you never know how much people here in the interwebs would be willing to pay for it...

    it would totally be 'as you wish' around here, because that came from one of the best movies of all time...that is you have not seen, maybe one day when you are older, you will get to see and totally understand. just watch out for 6 fingered men.

    i used to make money by doing yard work...and my boys have their chores as well. they get $1 a week for doing them...

    it was great to hear from you e! hope to see you again soon.


  5. Those ideas are tha bomb! And you're right... if you write "I love you, Mom" on anything, we Mom's WILL buy it. We know the teen years are coming and we horde those things to remind us how cute and sweet you were before we have to pinch your little heads off. ;) And I love that your dad has you read the Wall Street Journal. I laughed, too. Hope you have a great day, E. Thanks for your post.

  6. These were all great ideas, but I have to say that as a mom my favorite idea was the "What mom says" idea. I am going to suggest that to MY kids as a way to earn extra money - I love the thought of them calling me my liege or supreme commander!

    Thanks for the great ideas, baby E!

  7. Baby E.,

    You are wise beyond your years. I especially love the little tip that adding "her name and I Love You" ensures a quick picture purchase--'tis true.

  8. You are a brilliant entrepreneur Baby E!
    I'm definitely going to pass on the "Do what your mom wants" tip to my daughters. I will dig deep into my purse for that one!

  9. I'm telling you, Baby E. This post is worth a LOT of money right here. I don't know if you realize it yet, but you're a comedian in the making!

  10. Great ideas, E!!!! Love the idea of Domino School!!!

  11. Are hugs free? You should sell hugs. Also can you cook? You can sell cookings. Don't forget signs.

    Baby E, you will be rich soon!

  12. Baby E Rocks! Supreme Commander. Awesome.

  13. I love the idea of reading aloud for 25 cents. I have some legal agreements I need to review today. Baby E, I'll pay you $1 for your time. ;)

  14. Dear lord, I am slain by cuteness.

    Absolutely dead on the floor.

    Quite the entrepreneur you have there!

  15. Great ideas Baby E - you are quite the little business man! I really love your problem-solving skills too:)

  16. E, you are a money making genius! I am not, however, going to share all of these ideas with my son, as I will become broke.
    He is on straight salary. If he does chores one day he gets paid, no chores, no pay.

  17. Are you serious?? Baby E is a genius. Who wouldn't pay for all of this?

  18. Oh gosh, the "sell your art" was the best!

  19. This is my first introduction to Baby E...oh my. I've learned so much from him already...he can send me a bill. I've so underestimated the power of signage.

  20. LMAO @ "put her name on it and say 'I love you' and she will buy it. I love when Baby E posts... he's a smart cookie, that one ;) And I lurve the part about your hubby picking the Wall Street Journal for Baby E to read :p This was such a cute post!

    I have REALLY missed you, girl. I'm so sorry I've been a bloggy slacker but I hope all's well with you, Empress! *HUGS*

  21. These are all terrific ideas Baby E but my advice is to raise your prices. You can tell your parents it's because of inflation and ask for an extra nickel. Across the board. On everything. If they don't pay?

    Start breaking things. Important things. Like the dishwasher.

    You're welcome.

  22. Dude. You make him call you The Supreme Commander?!? That's awesome.

  23. My Dad picks Wall Street and then laughs... love your house!

  24. That Baby E is going to be quite the entrepreneur someday. By the way, if he comes to my house, I'll pay him a whole dollar for vacuuming. I hate vacuuming.

    How long till Tori's old enough?

    Thanks for the smile. I needed a pick me up.

  25. The 'selling art to your mom' gets even better as you get to be my age because my mom is so old she doesn't even remember buying it in the first I just sneak over, grab it, and RESELL IT TO HER.

    Old people. So gullible.

  26. After my kids work off like the MILLION dollars that they owe me, maybe THEN I'll start paying them to say nice things to me. Maybe.

  27. E, I am very, very impressed. However, I'm not going to show my kids your list because otherwise I will be broke. Very, very broke.

  28. how do you feel about the fact he said he has ways to make money because YOU aren't doing enough? Pretty backhanded, if you ask me.

  29. Sending out big kisses to you!

    I don't have kids... yet, but have thoroughly enjoyed your stories :)


  30. I wonder if I could pay my boys to do my bidding all day....

  31. I honestly have plenty of vaccuuming left undone if you ever need more jobs Baby E.

  32. These ideas are great! I can see several that I would buy given the opportunity. I'll bet you are rolling in cash.

  33. E, I hope you read this comment before you mom deletes it.

    Suzy, has already warned you, but I fear you may overlook her advice as she was pretty subtle. DUDE, you are charging too little. You are freakin' adorable, you could double your prices, perhaps TRIPLE them. You have not factored being cute into your business plan. Keep in mind this works best on females and really old people!

    Good luck to you!

  34. Great ideas. I am certainly a sucker for anything with I Love You Mom.

  35. E, I think you could be the next Donald Trump. With better hair. :)

  36. LOL! Baby E is a teeny tiny entrepeneur! I know I spelled that wrong.

  37. I heart Baby E. big time. Bowing down while saying "Yes, my liege?" At what age can I teach the Chalupa to do this?

    Every single one of these things show what IMAGINATION and creativity and entrepreneurial spirit this kid has. I used to put on shows too. What fun. And I would charge for massages and manicures/pedicures. And my sister and I started a restaurant. Wait - a post is coming to me.

    But point is, Baby E. is going places. No joke.

  38. This kid should have an infomercial! He's brilliant. And he gave us these ideas for free? If Moochie read this post I'd have to start retaliating by charging her for food. Or air. Baby E should have his own infomercial that plays during Saturday morning cartoons. "But wait; there's more! If you call right now, I'll also send you my Top Ten Ways to Get "My Liege" (yeah, right) to Do What I Want While Thinking it Was Her Idea" absolutely free.

  39. You are too stinking cute, Baby E, and a clever young mogul to boot. If we lived closer, I would so pay for some dominos lessons. In fact, I'd pay you to come to my house and build towers of blocks and legos for my little boys to knock down.

  40. aaaaaaahahaha! He is funny just like his momma! Your Baby E has it young lady.

    I wish I could put my name on stuff and someone would buy it!

  41. Now does the same apply to when you're like 30? Like can I go ask my parents for 100 bucks? Too high?
    Baby a genius.

  42. I would SO pay for someone to say to me all day, "How can I serve you, my queen?" all day.

    I so, so would.

  43. Awesome ideas! My daughter is a struggling reader, and I love your idea to pay a quarter per chapter.

  44. Great money making tips! I remember doing chores for my parents as a kid, vacuuming and dusting all for a five dollar weekly allowance. Those were the good ol days! Five dollars bought me all the bubble gum I could ever want.

  45. Your kid is amazing! I predict he will have an empire of his own very shortly:)

  46. Baby E, thank you for these great ideas. I can't wait to share them with my son Five. Because I am also not doing enough and would be willing to pay for help. You and your mother really should write a book together.

  47. OK Baby E...I think Donald Trump should be watching over his shoulder for you. You are enterprising and resourceful,and I just might buy a rock from you.

  48. BE, these are some great ideas. I really like the reading one, but the last one is also very appealing to me on a personal level.

  49. I like these ideas and may share them with my son. He'll like these a lot.

  50. Oh that smart little guy. I really love the one where you get to pay him for what he calls you all day. Completely worth it :)

  51. Wow Baby E! If I had a quarter for every time I vacuumed....

  52. I'm about to pee myself right now. Best. Post. Ever. Seriously I'm laughing so hard right now. How can you still be so witty while just acting as a scribe? Now that's talent.

  53. E, you are truly a genius! The art work is terrific, but to bribe...uh...compliment your mom with phrases like "Yes, O Wise One," is inspirational!

    May I make two tiny suggestions?
    1. Charge as much as $1 for writing her blog posts. Reinforce your request with the comments on this post about your brilliance, etc. She'll pay. Shoot, you might could get $2 for that.
    2. Ask for a teensy-weensy raise every few weeks - get her to up that quarter to 26 cents. No mother is going to mind handing over an extra penny - actually, she'll be happy to get rid of those pennies in the loose change jar. Wait a reasonable period, then ask for another penny, then another. Before you can say BabyE Rocks, you'll make 30 cents for those quarter jobs!

    Please inform your Queen that I am her newest follower and say thanks for following me. Also, do let her know that I am having a thank-you giveaway at my place for my followers that ends at noon tomorrow!

  54. Baby E you are an industrious young man! And why am I not paying my 5 year old to vaccuum?? genius!

  55. I tried to comment on this earlier, and it went Poof!

    Baby E, I adore this. You very well may be firing Donald Trump someday.

    I have already incorporated these ideas into my money-mad four-year-old's life. He now earns money for raking leaves, drawing me pictures, and cleaning out the nasty old coffee grounds.

    Thank you---a public service for all involved.

  56. I never got paid, but when I used to play games with my mom?

    She would always want to bet something.

    Silly things.

    Her favorite was the title of "Oh Great Queen."

    And so if I lost the game, I would have to call her "Oh Great Queen" for the rest of the day.

    She always seemed to win the game when the title was at stake.


  57. Oh, Baby E, we have missed you!!

    Love, Cece

  58. Psssssst, dude. Sounds like your Mom is a pushover. Prolly shouldn't have said this all out loud.

    By the way, I need some help with Dominos. Got time?

  59. Great stuff!

    Isn't it wonderful how cheap young kids are? We can talk them into almost anything for a quarter or a piece of candy. I used to wonder if my kids would grow up and chew me out for abusing their cheap labor. So far, they just think it's funny that I could get all the neighborhood kids to clean up the trash around the apartment complex for a piece of taffy.

    It's been a long time since my kids were that cheap. It was fun to remember those times again.

  60. Will you come and vacuum at my house? and do portraits?

  61. Sweet Baby E, your post could not have come at a better time. I'm graduating grad school in december and am looking for a job. You're right, the asking your parents for money thing only lasts but so long. Especially when you're 31. I might have to teach classes too. Maybe on how to do things the hard way. I'm good at that.

  62. And so I love this child whom I have never met. I also love that the child's father laughs when The Wall Street Journal is read to him. THAT is a fabulous attitude.

    p.s. - Am I a post-stealer if I have one of my cherubs guest post for me on occasion? I am fantastically fond of this concept. Please let me know if you plan to sue me upon my so doing. Thanks much.

  63. I love this post! The ideas are amazing. I love the one where you pay to be called a special name all day.

    Thanks for stopping by.

  64. Brilliant child. How much did he get paid to write this post?

  65. Oh this kidlet has YOU pegged my dear Empress! A very wise & industrious young man, without a doubt! :-))

  66. Baby E: you are just the awesomeness.

    We miss you.




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