Sunday, February 21, 2016

Happy Coffee-Drinking to You

Once upon a time, a person told me I was going to ruin my blood pressure and de-line my stomach with my coffee-drinkin' ways. So she soul-searched my eyes and roughed up my inner psyche, to find the truth of my life-embrace of coffee. She heard me out, then she pulled a glass jar of Sanka out of her purse. "Just try it."

I stared at the orange-lidded jar.

 I tried it, this happened.

[read the rest of the story on Scary Mommy]

* * *


  1. I still can't believe people were calling you an addict over there and trying to *cure* you. Ha! Give me that kind of *addiction* any day. Coffee makes life easier to let in or keep out.

    I'm easy like Sunday morning. After a cup or three.

    1. YES, an entire brigade showed up to tell me, via email, how I was modeling 'addiction' right in front of my kids. HOLY WOW, people, of all the things I could do and be, I'm just enjoying my coffee!!



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