Sunday, April 24, 2016

Faith and Belief: It Doesn't Make You a Fool - Submit Your Work to BlogHer

Six years ago, I submitted my writing to a call put out by BlogHer, the world's largest social media conference for women. I didn't think if I would win or not, what I had decided one morning was that if I didn't believe in my work, who would.

So with a deep breath, I submitted a story on life as a blogger, and then told myself to not think of it again.

I opened an email two months later at 7 a.m. telling me that my entry was chosen as one of ten submissions to be read aloud at the BlogHer Conference in San Diego. I remember screaming and shouting in front of the computer, "I did it, I did it!" There was no one around, but one person to hear it: me.

There had been 1700 entries, and what I had sent in was a combination of timing, relevancy, and something else: belief.

I wouldn't have read in front of the world's largest social media conference for women if I had not believed in my work.

That was six years ago. Since then, I have been chosen as VOTY (a voice of the year) four years running. But it was belief that got eyes on my work.

This year, I am taking another step forward: I have submitted a photo to a category of visual images, again with a call for work from BlogHer.

I have never done this before, I am not a photographer, I do not even dabble in photography and can't say that I've ever been in a community class. But I sent in a photo of my mother because I have belief that this moment captured has a story in its image. I have sent it in and I will not think about it again.

Except to hope.

I want YOU to have the same belief in your work. BlogHer has officially announced its call for submissions and published its nomination guidelines along with a deadline date of MAY 8 for this year's competition.

Believe in yourself, send in your work.

Send it in and know that you've done the most important part: saying yes to faith and belief.

And this does not make you a fool. It makes you a believer in yourself.


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  1. Thanks Alexandra! I submitted several.

  2. *** a combination of timing, relevancy, and something else: belief.***

    Also, it helps to have a bit of "writing skills." x

  3. Alexandra,
    for the writing pieces, what sort of content are they looking for?
    I don't see this?

    1. The categories change every year. You have 3 writing options on the form: one is a MOMent about the birth of a child (700 words) the other is for possible presentation (under 700 words) and then a general category (can be over 700) also PHOTOS!

  4. I submitted for the first time ever this year. I was nominated by someone in 2012 and picked as a VOTY but never had the guts to submit one of my own pieces. Until now.




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