Hello, my name is Alexandra, and welcome to my blog.

You will always find me here, as well as writing regular columns at Aiming Low, FunnynotSlutty, Mom Renewal Project, MilwaukeeMoms, Sprocket Ink, and TikiTikiblog.

I speak to Moms' groups, School groups, Women's groups, Church groups, and any groups that will have me, on the importance of women supporting women. Please contact me at the information below for more details.

I was named a 2011 BlogHer Voice of the Year for humor, an honor which allowed me the the surreal opportunity of reading my winning entry before the world's largest conference for women in social media, the 2011 BlogHer Convention in San Diego. In 2012, I was chosen to be part of The Moth's National Live Story Tellers Tour, and presented alongside Molly Ringwald.

This blog is made up of posts from me; an overanalyzing, overwhelmed mother of three boys living life in a small town where I find myself like a fish out of water.

The most important thing you need to know about this blog is that it saves my life every day:
  • I am happiest making people laugh. I believe that by telling our stories, we help each other through our struggles. Life's loneliness, depression, the pain and darkness of secrets held in too long --  my wish is that the humor here helps to heal you.
  • An interesting childhood led to the development of self scrutinization the likes of which few on this planet are able to relate to. As a result, in real life, I mull over my thoughts for no less than seven minutes before beginning several false conversational starts in hopes of saying them aloud. Obviously, this makes for painful conversation for anyone involved with me. All that to say, I have spent my life wishing I would say what I was thinking. With my blog, I can finally do that. Blogging, twitter, FB - so great for those like me.
  • Since I could hold a pencil, I have been filling notebooks with the stories I write. Blogging has given me the exposure and venue to have my words in print. My essays have been read, seen, and published on national websites. My love of entertaining, sharing from my life, and a sincere hope to help others feel less alone happens right here.
  • Amazing things have come into my life from the words on this blog. Things I never dreamed for myself.
  • Like I said, Saves my life. Daily.

Your blog has a funny name, what does it mean?

"Good Day, Regular People?" -- Oh, that. My husband's friend came to visit and upon hearing our three children's names - Alexander (15), Xavier (13), and August (8) -- he blurted, "Those aren't names! That's an empire!" That is funny, is what I thought, and ever since I make my children answer me with, "Yes, my liege." Being the only woman living with four men is not as sexy as it sounds, so attitude is everything. Being overseer of an empire means the laundry here is royal laundry, which makes it easier to do. *lie, lie, it still sucks.* One more thing: I only don the royal white gloves you see on my blog's header when I'm scrubbing toilets; which is every day, since I think they all like peeing with their eyes closed here.

Thanks so much for stopping by, I am happy to see you.

*For a complete list of my other writing, please visit here.

Have something you'd like to tell me, ask me, or wonder about?

Please EMAIL me here: gooddayregularpeople(at)gmail(dot)com


TWEET me here: (at)GDRPempress

Oh, and just a few more things:
  • The most memorable days usually end with the dirtiest laundry.
  • The most you can ask for in life is to arrive at the end of it all with your hair messed up, out of breath, and not throwing up.
  • Can I get a hell yeah.
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  1. Alexandra, I'm so glad my message had such a positive effect. I wasn't blowing sunshine! (Me? Not a sunshine blower.) I look forward to reading your stuff and getting to know you better. Also, thank you so much for supporting my blog. It really means a lot.

  2. Alexandra,
    Renée Jacobson strongly suggested I visit you, and introduce myself to you. When referring to you and I, Renée used words like "BFF" and "4EVS". No pressure, of course.
    Le Clown

  3. You are definitely the Empress - blogging royalty!

  4. Hell Yeah! (You asked for it!)

    I'm loving your site... So happy to have found it, you, and Baby E.

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  7. I just listened to your story on themoth.org Thank you for your brave, your gift of sharing - it was so moving.



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