Monday, December 6, 2010

For Narnia!!!!

Me at this really fun pumpkin farm this year

Mondays=Baby E posts.

Yes, Baby E posts. 

The emails and comments came in all "For Narnia! " and "Keep Baby E!" and I thought, "heck, yeah, I'll keep Baby E." And so, here you have it.

I don't know what mental state came over me and I thought I'd change Baby E just because a few emails told me that they hoped I had already started to save my money now for the future therapy Baby E would surely need since I'm calling him "Baby" and clearly, he is no baby.


It's Baby E. Back to Baby E. And here he goes. Thanks so much for stopping!!!

Hi!  I'm glad my mom kept my name. I'm used to it.

My new friend I made even calls me "Baby E" now and he says he feels cool when he says it. He said, "I feel cool when I call you Baby E." 

My mom got a mug with Baby E on it, right, Mom? ("'s going to be a Xmas treat...." ) OK, Mom.

This weekend was great  
This weekend was great.
It was all sports.
Oh, I have so much to say about it.
I go to a SpeedSchool here.
They teach you how to go so fast, and I got fast after 2 times only.
My dad takes me. My mom says it's too hard for her to watch how much work they make me do. But I love that part. They have me push tires over and over. And when I'm done with SpeedSchool, I say to my mom, "touch my hair" and she goes "oh!" cuz it's soaking sopping wet with sweat.

My dad jokes and makes me laugh when he takes me, he says, "Oh! I was getting so mad when I saw how hard they made you work, I almost jumped in there and let them have it!"

My dad cracks me up.

And basketball started, too. I'm good at that. I love our coach, Lenny. He's funny, too. So, on Saturdays now, I am very busy.

After SpeedSchool, and basketball, I had to go straight to Scouts. And I mean crazy straight. Like a movie. My dad picked me up from basketball and had me put my scout shirt OVER my basketball shirt and I went to Scouts like that! Like in a movie.

We went to a Nursing Home to give out these ornaments we made to the people that live there. My mom always says she loves old people, and that we will all be old one day and to always think of that. I know she says that's true but I can't imagine that of me.

I loved this weekend. 


My older brother next to me is a TurtleMan. He does everything slow. S-L-O-W. I call him TurtleMan. He eats slow, he comes when you call him, slow. He gets his shoes and coat on slow. He prints and draws slow. My mom says he is just being "careful and exact." He doesn't care, he even calls himself TurtleMan.

Sometimes my mom gets frustrated and says, "Maximus! We have been waiting for you since the dinosaurs to get your coat on. Come.On.Now!" and I say, "Mom, look at at this way, at least he can't get any slower." And that makes her laugh. 

I Think I Want A Little Brother
I think I want a little brother sometimes. I want a little brother because he would be fun to have and my friend has a little brother and he is funny. And my other friend is going to have a little brother soon, his mom is popping!

I do want a little brother.  But, sometimes, I think I don't because I would lose my rank in the cuteness factor. I know I would fall out of the cuteness range, so I think no, maybe, I won't have a little brother.

Who Would Do This
 My mom read the Aesop's Fable The Tortoise and The Hare to me.
And all I could think is "who would do that?" Come On. How can you be surprised to lose when you hello? take.a.nap during a race? Who does that? Just cuz you're winning does NOT mean you say, "oh, I'm winning, I think I'll take a nap."

You keep going to the end. My dad says you keep running and don't slow down in a race until AFTER you get to the finish line. After you cross it, then you take your nap.

I can't believe that story.


We went to see MegaMind. I really wanted to go and was excited when my mom said we were going. It was me and my middle brother, TurtleMan, and me.

It was boring. I never laughed one time.

I can't believe that. They made it seem so great on the commercials.They said, "Have you heard what they say about MegaMind? Hilarious!" And I think what I didn't like about it was I didn't like the bad superhero, Tighton. He was mean.


And it's almost Christmas. Next week I'm going to teach your kids how to make sure you get what you want on your Christmas List. There's a trick to it.

Bye. Did you get your kids something for St. Nick's? We had hot cocoa and candy canes stirred and melted into it.

A VERY special THANK YOU! to Dana  @Bungalow '56  and her wonderfully wonderful eldest daughter  for the "cleaner" look on this blog today. They eliminated the plane that had automatically come with the background design--and that drove me nuts--"Off with it's head!"

Thank you, to you both, for all the "little" things you did that make this blog look so much better.  

I know such awesomeness because of blogging.

Thank you, sweet ladies. 


  1. But Baby E - Can't you teach the adults how to get they want from their Christmas lists too?

    Cause even after all these years I just don't seem to quite have the knack yet.

  2. My kids can't wait to hear the Christmas list trick!
    I have to agree with you about the Hare. It just isn't plausible that he would nap in the middle of a race. Even if it was going well and I never thought about that before!

  3. So are you going to fulfill his dream of having a little brother? :) Too cute!

  4. Baby E;

    Sounds as though you had a busy weekend. I am already tired and that's just from reading your post! Baby E is an awesome name by the way; and I'm glad you got to keep it.

    Now; about next week's "spoiler".... you are pure boy; Baby E! I can smell the sweaty hair all the way from here. All the way from here!!

  5. Baby E, I have two things to tell you. #1 You could NEVER lose your cuteness factor.

    And two - if I had a blog roll of favorites blogs, yours would be number 1.

  6. I can fulfill his dream of a brother AND sister.

    Seriously..I have two kids that are free to a good home.

    And I'm pretty flexible on the 'good home' part.

  7. Baby E, come closer. Just between you and me, I think it's excellent that you're in SpeedSchool. Some day you might decide to become a car racer. If you make it to NASCAR Cup, Nationwide, or Trucks, you'll be outstanding because you started so early. Word, dude.

  8. Baby E, you inspired me! :D Hopefully when Lil' A is big enough to write a blog post he will write as awesome as you are. Keep it up!

  9. Yay! Your name stays! It would be just plain awkward to change it at this point, what with your New Friend even calling you Baby E. Own it, man.

    And kudos on getting faster over the weekend. You keep on pushing those tires and drinking your milk. Oh, the places you'll go. :)

  10. Baby E--I actually think your name is very cool though you are not a baby. I am thinking it will make an excellent name for your first book. I totally agree about the Tortoise and the Hare story.

  11. Baby E is definitely sound like a rapper. My son also wanted a sibling only he requested an older brother...took some explaining.

  12. e,

    hope you are well...and enjoying the excitement before christmas...sounds like you had a great weekend. Speedschool sounds pretty cool. and i love basketball....where are you at in scouts? a good friend of mine, his son is the youngest eagle scout stay at it...

    megamind...glad you saved us, we were going to see it but i trust your review. sad.

    you may want to talk to your mom about that baby brother before you go making too many wishes...smiles.

    havea wonderful day!

  13. Hooray for Baby E! And the little brother line is cracking me up. Hmmm, what does your mom think about that one?

  14. Maybe your first album could be called Baby E Raps.

    I'm confused what speed school is all about. Racing cars? Cleaning up your room?

  15. Hi Baby E. I think it is definitely a cool name-your friend is right about that. Sometimes I refer to your mom and you as E and BE and I think that is also quite witty, but maybe I'm the only one. Great post, as usual. What is Speed School though?

  16. Baby E, I'm glad you kept your name. I think it's very cool and perfect for a speedy basketball playing scout like yourself. Kind of like a Superhero!
    I wish I knew about speed school sooner because TurtleGirl lives at my house.

  17. That sounds like a fun weekend! I'm not sure what a Speedschool is but I think I should go to one.

  18. See Baby E, if you lived at our house, the girls only house, we would have taken you to Tangled, and surprise surprise, even The Agronomist liked it. And he's a manly man. So maybe its better than Megamind. Its time your mama went to a girly show. I think you've got a good thing going with being the youngest. I wouldn't mess with that. Now is speed school skating? I wasn't sure, because if it is, you know you should just move to Canada. There is a house next door for sale. Talk to your mom about it. She would get all the IT help she wants. Plus, well, we would be in laws, since that's just in the cards anyway.
    Take care Baby E,
    loved your post as usual,

  19. Sorry MegaMind wasn't any good, but it sounds like Baby E had a great weekend anyway!

  20. Oh, Baby E., I don't think that anyone could ever take away your cuteness rank! I think you'd make a great older brother, because I think that kids are who are used to being the little one know what it's like to be the baby of the family, and then they become extra nice and sensitive. But I guess I shouldn't say too much here and it is better to bring this request to your mom and dad, ha ha.

    You are so right about the tortoise and the hare (funny, I was going to read that to my son just last night)! I mean, d-uh?! I never even thought of that. I swear you are getting smarter and smarter with each post.

    I love how you have so much energy. Sports will make you very confident and strong. That, plus your cuteness and sense of humor, is going to make you a knock out with the girls when you get older :-)

  21. Megamind wasn't funny!?!?! Dangit. I was really hoping it would be like Despicable Me or Shrek. Ah well, no money lost.

  22. Hey Baby E. I think my son might like a brother...or a sister. But he's an only child right now. Any tips for how I can tell if he'd be ok with it?

  23. The next time he acts like Turtle Man, tell him that he's "as slow as Christmas." I just recently heard that phrase, and it's quite timely this time of the year.

  24. Baby E, just reading about your weekend exhausts me! But I am quite a bit older than you. Maybe I need some SpeedSchool, but I'm probably too tired.

    A baby brother might be cool, but then I had two of them. Most of the time they were cool, even now they can be very cool. Or immature.

    Thank your mother from me for keeping your cool name. It suits you, and it's cool.

  25. Lots going on, as always! I would also love to hear more about speed school, Baby E. Can grown-ups go, too? I need it!

    Looking forward to next week's post...

  26. Baby E, what a great post! I read it while waiting to pick up my 8 year old daughter from school. It was a very entertaining read.

  27. I love that Baby E is aware of his cuteness factor. But why wouldn't he be, right?

  28. These posts always, always make me smile. Both of my boys are TurtleMen, especially when we're late. Any suggestions to help get the lead out?

  29. Cece says:

    Hope that big chicken didn't bite your head off! I know how your mama gets when it's about her baby e!

    We miss you!

  30. Huzzah, Baby E is in DA HOUSE! I love that you kinda sorta want a baby brother. You'd be Baby E. the First then.

    And yes, what Lori said above. I never get exactly what I want. Why can't people read my mind? Why can't adults have xmas lists? It's not until you're seriously disappointed that you become materialistic. Sigh.

  31. Baby E, I've thought you up a new name, you know, when you get older and all. I think you should be Home-E 'cuz you're just too cool and all that jazz. I like TurtleMan. Sounds like a comic character. SpeedSchool sounds awesome. I bet my guys would think it was the best. Looking forward to seeing your list tips.

  32. I absolutely LOVE your Baby E posts! It gives me good ideas (candy cane & hit chocolate), reminds me to sign my son up for basketball & makes me laugh. Love them!

  33. I'm glad Baby E is still Baby E. :) I'm also glad he shared his thoughts on Megamind. I've been debating on which movie to take my kids to see. I think Tangled will win this one. ;)

  34. Glad you are still Baby E...You would have remained so in my heart forever!, that sounds exciting!

  35. Glad you are still Baby E...You would have remained so in my heart forever!, that sounds exciting!

  36. I waited until today to read this because I wanted to look forward to the cuteness that is Baby E's post. Don't you ever change it!

  37. Somehow you just found my blog, and I'm SO glad you did so I could come over here and meet YOU and your wonderful family. Baby E is awesome, and so is your most colorful blog!
    Ann Best, Long Journey Home

  38. MegaMind was good for me- much better than the chipmunks. I think that when I got "old" my ears changed and squeaky noises hurt them.

  39. Baby E? You are pretty awesome. I'm glad your mom has you posting on Mondays, because that way I can get a weekly dose of your brilliance!

  40. Baby E is where its at...He makes the name...the name doesn't make him! Rock on with your awesome self!!

  41. I'm glad you decided to keep Baby E after all, wouldn't have been the same under any other name :)

    I always look forward to your Baby E posts and this one was fantastic. SpeedSchool sounds pretty amazing, I have to say.

    And the way he signs off is always too precious.


  42. I'm glad you kept your name Baby-E! It's a cool name for a cool dude.

    Can't wait to hear what your Christmas Tricks are!! :)

  43. I think that Turtle Man should meet my daughter and they could be slow be together!

  44. Cute post Baby E! All of my daughter's friends want a little sister because of us. The moms are not happy.

  45. Oh Baby all of your posts! My daughter said she wanted a baby too but I think you are right Baby hold on to that title of being the youngest and I don't think you could ever lose your cuteness factor!

  46. Thank goodness for Baby E. and we can all get some perspective and honest opinion! Duly noted about Megamind. Very good to know. And, the turtle and the hare? I never understood it either!

  47. Baby E -

    I hope you're printing out copies of all these posts, because you are FANTASTIC. And a writer needs to keep the sound of his childhood voice with him at all time. Even though you can't imagine getting older, you will. But if you keep the things you write, you'll always, ALWAYS remember how it feels to be young. And it's one of the best gifts you'll ever give yourself.

    Keep writing. You have a gift.



    You are really really awesome!

  49. "But, sometimes, I think I don't because I would lose my rank in the cuteness factor. I know I would fall out of the cuteness range, so I think no, maybe, I won't have a little brother. "

    This kid is a genius.

    And the fact that The Tortoise and the Hare really grinds his gears pleases me.

    I heart Baby E. I really really do.

  50. Baby E, I have to admit, I have always had the same thought about that story, the tortoise and the hare. Great minds think alike, huh?



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