Monday, June 24, 2013

Catching Up, and The Winner of the Summer Reading Basket!

Summer is here in Wisconsin, and that means that all of us in the mitten-shaped state lose our minds and pack every minute with ACTIVITIES! because SUMMER! We all know Wisconsin is shaped like a mitten to try and keep us warm. Our winters are legendary, below zero temps and wind chill factors that make you cry. When summer hits, we know we only have six weeks to be outside and get our yearly quota of mosquito bites and vitamin D.

And seriously, it's been a humid start to the summer thus far. I'm going through a gallon of cream rinse a day trying to keep this puffball on top of my head patted down. Living in the suburbs, there's nary a tube of what I could so easily find when I lived in the city -- the one thing that worked its magic on ethnic hair. VO-5.

I've taken to sleeping with a plaid hunter's cap strapped to my skull in hopes of somehow flattening the wild sage that's sprouting from my scalp follicles.

Russian sage is beautiful, yes -- but unfortunately, the same don't-hold-me-back look doesn't translate when it's on my head.

Summer is finally GD here, y'all, and despite the hair conditions of Guam, we're loving it. Our days are free, but business goes on.

Here's a quick recap of the week:

--I've been on LoopLetters (my new favorite thing) this week as part of a writers' series on summer injuries, click over to enjoy these stories Fibula Knee Groin Finger Face!  Kick The Can: A War Story by Ben Van Iten, This Didn’t Really Happen. This Is Fiction. Don’t Sue Me For Defamation. by Whitney Collins, Happy Fourth Of July In A Red, White, And Blue Fingertip by Alexandra Rosas, and I’m More Of An Autumn by Ken Martin.

--My second favorite thing has become the new site Purple Clover. I am thrilled to be writing for them, and I have been introduced to some great story tellers there. Purple Clover is going to be a community where the search for life lessons learned told in a humble, soul bearing way, will be found. I really hope you check them out. I write there this week of the Not-so-fine-art of letting go, and what it feels like when your first born practice child, turns 18.

--And we have big news! Through the winner of the summer reading basket giveaway offered by five fabulous authors is Kathy Radigan of My Dishwasher's Possessed. Kathy, please email me your address so that I can forward the information to the authors, they will be sending you your books directly! SO excited for you, and what a prize!

Here's to sun screen slathered days, Deep Woods Off layered nights, and the surprise of a tube of VO-5 on a store shelf someday.


Your Wisconsin Russian Sage-Head

So pretty sprouting wild and free out of the ground, but not my head

photo credit: mmwm via photopin cc


  1. Congratulations to Kathy, love her!
    Happy Summer, Alexandra. xo

  2. Enjoy your summer while you can! I'm already ready for the cooler weather, myself.

  3. smiles...summer is busy for us as well, it is going by pretty quick...will check out your writes as well..have a great weeke alexandra

  4. Wow I'm so exited!! What a great way to enjoy my own Bonbon Break!!! Thank you so much Alexandra. I sent you my email. Can't wait to dig into the books! :)

  5. Hooray for summer! My hair is in a ponytail, as it will be until October. Not enough v05 in the world...

  6. Happy summer and cheers to the lady with the possessed appliance!


  7. Ah, summer sun, humidity, and big hair. Embrace it; tap into your inner Diana Ross! It's what I'm doing, anyway.

  8. HA! Must try some of this VO5. There is just no saving my hair when humidity rolls into town. Ugh. I'm already dreading having to step outside soon to meet up with friends. Thank god for head-kerchiefs.

    Hope all is well with you, Alexandra. Glad to see you are spreading your words to so many wonderful new sites. I look forward to bouncing around and reading them. XOXO

  9. lol..."sage head" do make me chuckle, my friend. Happy summer.

  10. Those of us with baby fine hair long for out-of-control manes. But even mine frizzes in the humidity - which is why I was happy to discover Organix Moroccan argan oil. I read about it in a blog about cheap beauty products. It's one of those inexpensive drugstore things, and smells delicious. Frizz or not, though, I absolutely adore summer's heat.

  11. Your wild sage is stunning-- Love the colors.

    I feel your pain about the "summer hair". Mine does the opposite-- flat and limp, which basically means not so great.

    Sounds like you have a busy summer. I hope you can squeak out more than 6 weeks.

    xo jj



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