Thursday, December 26, 2013

Taking Good Care of Each Other

Christmas for us is a night of sharing gifts, they're small tokens, but we make sure their meaning is clear, that there is no doubt, no one else could be receiving them, except for us. One of my closest friends, someone I've known over 15 years, left me quiet with gratitude, after I opened her tissue wrapped gift. Small, but there was no doubt in my mind, she had chosen it only for me. Her words of comfort, written in notecards, shared here with you today, because I am grateful for you:

So I asked my friends, "Where do I go from here?"
And they said,
Forward with hope.
And so I asked my friends, "When do the tears stop?"
And they said,
When you believe in tomorrow.
And then I asked my friends, "What now?"
And they said,
Hold on. 
Happy holidays to you all, and wishes for a peaceful new year.
* * *


  1. What lovely words, and what wonderful friends you have.
    Happy Holidays. xo

  2. smiles...good friends are a beautiful treasure...and we should def treat them as wel...what a cool gift too eh? smiles. thank you for the encouragement through out the year...and sharing your wonderful fam with us...smiles.

  3. These words are just so very rich.

    Love you

  4. What a beautiful gift. I had a friend send me a Willow Tree Angel after my mom passed. She also sent me the small pink bathtub that she had decorated for mom when they were in a room together in the hospital in the next town over, before both got transferred out. I still have that in my closet.

  5. Beautiful words and thoughtful friends. They go hand in hand or, heart and hand, in this case. So glad you have them both!! All the best in 2014 fabulous girl! xoxo Melyssa

  6. Happy holidays to everyone. I appreciate each of you and you have been a huge part of my life, thank you. Mrs BlogaLot: I HAVE MISSED YOU and am so happy to see you!!

  7. such beautiful, timely, amazing words from your heart to mine. So glad that my life has YOU in it.

    HAPPY NEW YEAR and much, much , much love Alexandra.

  8. Beautiful words and exactly what I needed to read today as my mom started Hospice 4 days before Christmas and 3 days ago I had to board a plane with my 3 kids and fly 1231 miles away from her.



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