Thursday, February 19, 2015

Why Go For The Risk?

Why do we try new things? What's the purpose in pushing beyond what we think we're able to, even risking the uncomfortable squirm of sticking your neck out?

Because there's a new frontier on the other side of the shaky knees and trembling hands. Taking a leap that leads to more of YOU.

When I discovered Listen To Your Mother Shows in 2010, it changed my life. I now am a story teller and have the incredible opportunity of giving that same not so gentle nudge to a life bigger than I imagined for myself than Ann Imig gave to me in the LTYM Madison show five years ago.

I am now the co-producer of Listen To Your Mother Milwaukee, along with Jennifer Gaskell and Rochelle Fritsch. I am so lucky, to be able to offer the podium, the microphone, the lights, for others to take a breath and dive into their story.

Whether you land steady or panting and wobbly legged, a leap of faith is a jump into a new land.

I love talking about the possibility of in our lives, and I had the opportunity to do so this week. I hope listening here inspires you to get to know yourself beyond what you think you can do.

(Thank you, Ann Imig, for Listen To Your Mother)


  1. we push ourselves because we can become too comfortable...and too comfortable means we are probably barely living...or maybe i am a risk

    1. I'm with you, B. Discovery of who we are, how else can we get to the depths without the push?

  2. Had never read or heard about Listen to your Mother until recently, and I'm auditioning in Charleston a week from tomorrow. Am both nervous and excited. But it sounds like such a great idea that I can't not do it. I keep thinking of the quote you read everywhere to "do something every day that scares you." That'll be my "thing" on Saturday!

    1. So excited for you, Diane!! Break a leg! And let me know how it goes!



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