Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Mom Haiku

Found the sweet inspiration for today's post from the incredible Ashley of Baddest Mother Ever. Pick any one of her posts, and you will find a nugget of wisdom or your delight for the day. This morning, her gift to me was Mom Haiku.

Reaching for my hand

Stopping midflight, eyes search mine

Can he? At thirteen?

Daily mama note:

Remember the quiet one

He waits for you too

No mirror can be passed

Reflections all examined

Young, and so much doubt

* * *


  1. Wonderful! That first one got me.

  2. So much sweetness. There is nothing like the mother/son bond. Love the pictures Alexandra.

  3. You're good at haiku. I've tried but I can't do it. Your sons are so awesome.



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