Thursday, June 4, 2015

Quiet Revolution

There's a special excitement when you find yourself among your people.

People so much like you that you find yourself feeling you can be who you are without worry and anxiety about what others will think. At times like these, I feel whole and accepted.

I am an introvert. That's not the same thing as shy, but I could use up a whole day here explaining about the myths around being introverted. That's why I'm thrilled that today, an amazing new site launched.

Quiet Revolution.

When I tell you that Susan Cain, author of the best selling Quiet, is the creator of Quiet Revolution, it will all make sense.

I'm pinching myself because I am thrilled to tell you that I am part of the writing team of Quiet Revolution. I'll have the satisfying opportunity to write about life as an introvert and how it impacts my parenting.

Susan Cain set out to create Quiet Revolution as a place Where introverts are celebrated for their powerful contributions and, more importantly, for who they are. And where everyone’s quiet strength — no matter what their personality type — is validated."

My first Quiet Revolution contribution is up today. A confessional about my life as an introvert, and how I surprisingly missed recognizing that my middle child was exactly like me.

“Why can’t you be more fun?”
I grew up hearing that question from my extroverted mother. I could not explain to her why I was introverted, but I wanted her to be as proud of me as she was of my outgoing sisters. So when I was a teenager, I began a self-improvement campaign. I found a self-help book on how to become popular and followed the directions in Chapter 1: “Become more animated in your speech and use your hands freely when speaking.” I could have been a success story if you could get past the fact that talking with me looked like you were standing next to someone trying to shake spider webs off their fingers. I was fifteen years old, and I already felt exhausted trying to be someone else. [read more here...]

Want in on the Quiet Revolution? Click over and find the strength and support of community.

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