Friday, September 9, 2016

Levels of Self Care Like You Have Never Seen

It's Friday night, and all is well. By that I mean, I finally jumped aboard the self-care wagon. At this moment, with the keyboard before me, I am balancing a buttery flaky crust chicken pot pie just this side of heaven hot in my lap while I take sips whenever I feel like it from a sweating with refreshing coldness beads draft root beer.

I am self caring like you (or rather me) have never seen before.

And I can only ask myself one thing: what in the blazes took me so long? I have seen facebook posts hashtagged #selfcare #selfcaresaturday #selfcaremama #selfcaresacred #selfcarekicksass but scrolled on past because what me? I'm too busy for self care.

But while I lick the light and flaky pie crust crumbs from my lips, I see tonight just how wrong I was.

It really doesn't take much to reward yourself for a week of work. A pot pie, a cold soda, a quiet house and jeans with the top button undone and I'm pretty much cradling my battered soul in the lap of luxury right now. I don't think I can ever go back to living in the poorhouse of  neglect. For tonight, I'm having fun. I feel like I won a $50 lottery. Not all of us need the powerball to feel like a winner.

Though next week Friday seems like a long way to go yet, I've got my self care menu set and ready. Count me in for some more self care fun, this time with extra cheese and pepperoni. And no run out the door to pick up for the $8 pizza special. I'm calling for delivery. And I'll ask for a side order of garlic bread. And I'll be ordering it early enough in the evening, so the important self care can happen, like a nap.


  1. OH! I thought by self care they meant painfully (and painful) dull things like tweezing and, no, no, you have shown me the light beyond the self care of grooming. Wouldn't you know? I just found out I am home alone this friday evening! I am not as sad about that as I was initially!



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