Saturday, September 10, 2016

Romance, Mystery, Intrigue

Lean in, and catch my words if you dare. Lean in, and hear about a middle aged woman whose life has been kept hidden from view. Sense her days that are ripe and luscious with romance, mystery, and intrigue.

Can you imagine being swept away by not having to ask someone to unload the dishwasher? Can you handle the imagery of  a moment such as that? Of wondering who it was that left you an almost half cup portion of coffee from that morning, even setting aside a close to teaspoonful of fat-free creamer?

If chills and goosebumps and a bouncing pulse are what arise from an enticing scene of seeing a kitchen counter that shows that the afternoon mail has already been brought in, then this post is for you. You don't have to scour the earth to dare revel in a life that you thought only existed in half off already discounted novels sold in value packs. You can have all this mature sexy marriage stuff and more, just by adjusting your life glasses.

Does your house feel crowded, or does it feel hot and cozy? Does seeing someone's underwear that's not yours hanging off bathroom doorknobs make you scream? Maybe it won't when you realize it means that someone was naked just five feet away from you. Does the glisten of sticky peach juice trailing across the kitchen sink set your head spinning? Perhaps not when you envision the sweet, dripping chin of the said pitted fruit consumer.

Maybe things aren't so rosy between you and your co-habitants this week and you're getting the cold shoulder for something you said. Being frozen out might hurt a little less if you feel it as a Benedictine monk's searing vow of silence.

Tonight I had a dinner from a frozen box of 20 chicken pot pies my husband picked up from a weekly warehouse shopping expedition. I'm sharing this delight of a meal with sips of Lemoncello that my sophisticated younger sister left behind from her visit here in June. Am I feeling sorry for myself?

No way, man. I've got the romance of a man who helps to make sure we are never without, I've got the mystery of how many diced pieces of chicken will be in my pot pie this time, and I've got the intrigue of a chilled out of budget imbibement that I wouldn't have in my life if it weren't for a visitor to my home.

Romance, Mystery, Intrigue: not for the faint of heart, but don't say I didn't warn you.
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