Friday, October 18, 2013

Forget a Clean House and Home-Cooked Meals, This is the Mama I Want To Be

Found this on the internet, it's short and sweet, and made me smile with a little bit of watery eyes. Because this is what a really cool mom is... and I don't want to forget it. *loooove :51


  1. I'd be curious to see this kid in 10 or 20 years.

  2. I passed by that link on facebook yesterday, but with your endorsement I actually clicked on it....and gosh am I glad I did! Priceless (and the coolest I have felt in a long time)

  3. He is too adorable. There was a lot that I took away from it, with "Mom, we love to see you have fun" and "Hug more, yell less" being the two biggies. My 9 y/o loves chanting the Walmart slogan "Save money, live better" so that last one made me think of him (and me). Thanks for sharing!

  4. Best video eva!!! "Corndog!"

    1. Isn't this wonderful? I passed by the link too, but then ann imig rec. it and she never steers wrong. I love this. Thanks for watching.

  5. He is ridiculously cute and quite wise. #7 tho. Smart little fella for giving a shout out for that. Think of the cumulative poop a mom cleans in a lifetime.

  6. I want to eat that child.
    Swoon out of the mouths of babes...only the screaming part...I call bullshit on that one.



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