Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Skylanders Swap Force: The Final Chapter

It's me, Auggie, writing my post for my mom on Skylanders because I said I would do four parts and this is part number FOUR and the last one. I knew I was going to save talking about Swap Force for the last one and I had to wait until they came out and they're out! Today we are going to talk about Swap Force!

Skylanders Post Number Four of Four

First, we might have to review for parents that don't know about Skylanders.

Skylanders Swap Force review 

I recently got Skylanders swap force, and I love it! My favorite so far is Pop Thorn, he is a land puffer fish I guess, or think. He is awesome because when he is deflated he shoots rapid fire blasts of air. When hes inflated, he can do a body slam, or shoot homing needles out of his skin. It is so awesome. 

The plot of this one is that Kaos finds crystallized darkness, and he puts it into a cannon he made called the Evilizer THE EVILIZER!!!!!!!!!
which turns things eeeeeeeeeeeeevvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvviiiiiiiiiiiiiilllllllllll. His mother comes cause he messes it up, and boy, she is big trouble.

The coolest part of the game is the ability to jumper, or maybe the ability to swap. Either one is awesome. My favorite swap combo is Nitro Magna Shake. Thats Rattle Shakes bottom half, and Nitro Magna Charges top half. He is cool cuz he can shoot bouncing boes from Rattle Shake and Shoot awesome laser blasts from Nitro Magna Charge.

The one guy im really excited for is Trap Shadow. He is so awesomely amazing. He is the coolest guy ever!!!! he can turn invisible and sneaks around, and kick darkness and black holes, and lay traps, and scratch with awesome puma/leopard claws. He is crazy.

SO AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!

All the Swap Force is out now and I waited since summer for it and I have it.

You need to get it now for your kids if you want to give it to them for their Christmas or birthday because the pieces go fast. You can buy it and just hide it. I would do that. Then you have it. It's a hot item so that means all the kids want it.

Bye! This is my last Skylanders post! Bye!

Auggie )oh thank you)  



  1. smiles....pretty cool...since the first post, we got a disney infinity...well the boys got it with their birthday money....they were going to get either that or skylanders...they are enjoying it....maybe we will move to this as well eventually.....thanks for the review,,,sounds fun to me. smiles.

    1. AH! Infinity???? Oh, well, it looks good too. Maybe when they're older they can have Skylanders which is the BEST in all caps!!!I

  2. Hi auggie its Jaden from school and I really liked your post and I hope I can get it some day.

    1. what the heck jaden? what the heck is jaden doing on here commenting on my blog? worlds collide! my real life and my virtual life. thank you so much i hope you get it too. ask for it for christmas. bye, auggie.



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