Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Suburban Haiku

First rule of book club
We don't talk about the books
When we're at book club

When we homeschooled, my kids and I would pass the time while driving to a field trip or waiting in line for a museum exhibit by composing haiku. The three boys fell in love with the fun of the 5/7/5 syllable pattern, and anyone looking over at our huddle would see us counting out to 17 on our fingers. At home, where we were more comfortable letting our freak flags fly, we'd be learning as we counted out claps to our three-line 17 syllable poetry.

That was years ago, and sharing haiku is now our private code... poems sneak up out of nowhere, and we know just what the other is saying, and it goes beyond 17 syllables. It's a love nod to the past, something we shared in the sweet days of beginning our learning together.

Does this sound like we love haiku? We do. And my favorite haiku FB follow, twitter follow, and now author, is Peyton Price. My children and I follow her and when our copy of her debut hard cover, Suburban Haiku arrived in the mail, it landed on the coffee table and has been there ever since. We want to keep it right where we can reach for it and share aloud our love of haiku.

Peyton writes in a warm, intelligent style about life. She is witty, surprising and will make you laugh out loud as quickly as she makes you wipe a tear from your eye. Her work is nothing short of a celebration of our days.

I'm thrilled to be able to give a copy away of Suburban Haiku to a reader here.

Peyton Price's Suburban Haiku takes on the true story of life in the suburbs. In 141 pages filled with the three-phrase style of haiku, you'll tour the world of kids, Saturday soccer in the rain, PTO meetings, yard sales, school drop offs... all in 17 syllables and countless giggles.

You will adore Peyton Price. Follow her on suburbanhaiku. com Hear her read her haiku here Follow her hilarious tweets via @suburbanhaiku  and get a daily dose of haiku pleasure on her Facebook page.

*Leave a comment here and enter to win SUBURBAN HAIKU: Poetic Dispatches From Behind The Picket Fence.

Peyton's book is also available on amazon .

About Peyton:
You can find Suburban Haiku here, at NickMom.com, and on Amazon. Actually, Suburban Haiku is everywhere, if you know where to look. Kind of like weeds. Speaking of which, you might want to do something about that lawn.

I leave you with one more for the haiku road:

Peyton Price@Suburbanhaiku Mar 5

I’m nodding my head
during saxophone lessons
then jerking awake.

Okay, one more:

Note from the teacher:
Your son's losing his temper.

See what I mean? Impossible to not fall head over heels for this book.

* * *


  1. A book giveaway
    Hey I sure do like to read
    Can I win it now?

  2. oh i want in i want in...its not every day i get a chance at a poetry book...ha...and these sound fun

  3. This sounds like a great book, Alexandra--thanks for the recommendation. Am now following :) Also love that you and your children have a haiku bond. So very awesome.

  4. Love Peyton! I can't wait to meet her in person some day to see if she kinda talks like Yoda. ;D

  5. My coffee table is naked.
    Just saying.

  6. I've never been a big fan of haiku, but when I read these, I can see why you like it. And I love that you guys let your freak flag fly.

    PS Just booked my ticket to blogher.

  7. This book is awesome. Whomever wins it is lucky indeed. GOOD LUCK.

  8. I love haiku too
    Here is my tragic entry
    I make myself sick

  9. Oh haiku, you are
    Subversive as hell
    In five seven five

    No one suspects you
    Tell dark dirty secrets
    In your swift, sweet lines

  10. Addictive haiku
    Each syllable a small gem
    Making time slip by

  11. Love the family haiku idea. May have to adopt that!

  12. Good luck, everyone! I'll draw a name at random one week from today and I'll contact you for your name and address, then forward this info. on to Peyton. She'll send her awesome book out to you. AND IT IS AWESOME. It'll look great on your coffee table.

  13. I want this book. We have a habit of making up songs around here. Why not add haiku to our repertoire? We'll go on the road!



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