Thursday, March 6, 2014

Things You Just Don't Have To Worry About Once You Decide to 'Eff It

It's been a great week. My internet friends have taught me so much. I've learned that life can be as awesome as that Lego Movie song once you decide to *'eff it* which, BTW, I just learned today on FaceBook, stands for *forget it.*

Once you start living the 'eff it  way, all sorts of things fall under the 'eff it category. You find yourself saying 'eff it to living without milk in the house for a few days. Or how it's okay, you can just say 'eff it, and the house can look like you were robbed for a few days longer.

I came up with this 'eff it list, and this is even shortened, in just one day:

--The receptionist at your kids' Dr. office keeps correcting your pronunciation of your own kid's name. 'Eff it, let her say it the way she wants to. 

--The town gossip drops off at Goodwill at the same time as you do, but she sees you come out of Goodwill with more bags than you take in. 'Eff it, that's what.

--Your feet no longer fit into your original oh so much money Capezio boots you bought in Texas 20 years ago. This one, so hard to you-know-what. But... 'eff it.

--If you love Jen Lancaster books, and someone at the library is super interested, always, in what you check out and mentions how you really love Jen Lancaster books, 'eff it. You do.

--The boots you picked up on clearance at Target are boots your mother would love, but 'eff it, they keep your feet dry.

--'Eff it to your embarrassment when your Dr. suggests a medical procedure several times in one visit and you end each suggestion with "No thank you" and he looks at you and explains that a medical suggestion is not a regular person suggestion until you finally get it and say "ooooooooohhhh. Like, DO IT not would you like to do it. Got it."

Anything else comes up not on this list yet, I'm just going to you know, *forget it.*


Bonus after midnight add-on: --You accidentally pass gas because you laugh too loud after you've had a dinner of black beans and rice. Say excuse me to your family, and then just 'eff it.
* * *
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  1. ha. just be careful who you say eff it to....ha.

    goodwill is the bomb.

  2. Rats! I see this the day after I decide to stop procrastinating for 40 days? ;)

  3. Oh Alexandra, how I love you so. I think it really means f*ck it, but I think I like Forget It better.

  4. Wow! You've got some effin' ill-informed internet friends but, eff it, because I like to think of you as more naive than me.

  5. You were kidding about forget it, right? Or am I the naive one? I suspect there shouldn't be such layers of tricky meaning in a post about saying "eff it." Whatevs! I loved it!

  6. I am kidding. I know, eff it. Oh yeah, eff it. xo

  7. Eff It!))))

    you are my kind of girl!!

  8. I'm a big fan of "eff it" today at the basketball game my sons pants and shirt are clearly too short. But you know what? Eff it.

  9. And I thought "eff it" meant "fudge it". I should really know that, since it basically sums up my philosophy of life.

  10. Love this! I use an alternate version of "eff it" on occasion. More directly: "eff that shizz."



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