Sunday, May 11, 2014

Happy Five Years, Listen To Your Mother!

On Mother's Day today, LISTEN TO YOUR MOTHER celebrates its 5th anniversary. I celebrate four years of having Listen To Your Mother in my life. I wonder if Ann Imig, the National Director and founder, ever gets used to hearing how LTYM changes lives -- but this is exactly what LTYM did for me.
In May of 2011, I found my voice when I auditioned and was cast for the Madison Listen To Your Mother Show. By saying I found my voice, I mean that the words discovering me would be better. I never even knew I had something to say until I stood behind the podium on Mother's Day, four years ago, and the words flowed as if I had been in solitary confinement for the past 50 years.
I'm a story teller now, because of LTYM Madison. Because of Ann Imig and what she began five years ago in Madison, my life has become one of challenge and rewriting the script that I thought was my life. My world now is one of possibilities and I have gone from feeling alone to feeling held up by love, support, and connection.
Motherhood is defined as anyone who takes a nurturing or caring role in someone's life. This is why I wish you, Ann Imig, and the nationwide movement that you've begun with Listen To Your Mother, a Happy Mother's Day. You have been pivotal in my life, in how my children see me, and in how I have come to see myself. These are priceless gifts, and I am so grateful.
I want to say thank you, as weak as the words sound, but Thank You, for everything. For the honor of being part of Listen To Your Mother, and for the opportunity you've given me to be involved with LTYM. My life has become something I only envisioned for others.
Happy 5th Listen To Your Mother! So many lives changed, so many voices encouraged, so many readers who took that step and flew. Thank you, from the audiences, readers and production teams.  LTYM has inspired transformations!

"Tomorrow we celebrate our 5th annual LISTEN TO YOUR MOTHER Madison. When 12 of us took the stage four years ago, we had no idea that this show would turn into a nationwide phenomenon..."
~Ann Imig, National Director/Creator Listen To Your Mother Shows  
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  1. It's a game-changer and an amazing celebration! I read for the first time this year and I'll never forget that moment. I love this. And you. And Ann. Allthelove. It's crazy beautiful this internet life, yes? xoxoxo Happy Mother's Day.

    1. Allthelove is exactly right.
      (So much love, there isn't room for space between the letters.)

  2. its a cool journey you have been on...
    i hope that you little ones treated you well today
    we took a picnic to the park with my wife and my mom...
    took a walk in the woods and just let the boys play a bit
    enjoying the beautiful day.

    happy moms day

  3. One of these days I need to go check one of those LTYM gigs out.

  4. Happy happy (belated!) Mother's Day to you, Alexandra! And congratulations on all of the success you and LTYM has had over the past five years. It's wonderful that you have found this forum and that you are sharing it with so many need in need of a platform to voice their inner thoughts. XOXO

  5. I went to SF last year for LTYM and Sacramento this year. I loved every second of the show each time. Congratulations to everyone who has been a part of this incredible experience. I love to see it grow more and more every year.



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