Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Something Smells Like Pee: Classy Observations

I am dedicated to humor: finding it, reading it, celebrating it, sharing it. A few years ago I found a website passionate about providing a platform for women and their humorous writing, it was FunnynotSlutty. From that day on, I have followed one of the talented top writers there, Blythe Jewell.

An example of how funny she is? Click here and see what I mean: "Five-Year-Olds Just Don't Get the 80s"

Blythe Jewell has just released her first book, Something Smells Like Pee, and as the title promises... it is full of the things in life that with a sense of humor, can make us laugh instead of cry. Reading her poems, musings, thoughts, are like spending time with that treasure of a friend you hope to never lose.

Learn To Merge
You want to Merge?
Why yes, of course.
Here, let me just ease back.
Why don't you merge?
Can you not see
I've left room on the track.
Okay, I guess
You've changed your mind
and want to come in
from behind
So, I speed up
But you do, too...
and cut in the goddamned line.
I'm forced to slam
upon my brakes
so hard my coffee flies
Now my car's a total mess
and I'm fit to be tied.
I honk, but you
do not respond
My temper starts to burn.
I honk again
Because if not
however will you learn?
*you'll have to order the book to see what comes next! *TEASER!*

Something Smells Like Pee is 91 pages of poetry and illustrations by Blythe that reflect on the sometimes unbelievable ridiculous of life, which is also its beauty. Whatever Blythe does, she does it well, and leaves me with a smile for the rest of my day. Along with the comfort that maybe I'm not that odd in my thoughts -- and that my coolness factor hasn't seen the last of its days yet.

I'm happy to offer Something Smells Like Pee here as a giveaway.

In part, true, because I'm a big fan of this author, but also because good work needs to be recognized and put OUT THERE -- Blythe's writing here, is indeed, clever, smart, subdued, and entertainment like this shouldn't go unnoticed.

Congrats, Blythe, you have a winner of a collection here.

Please leave your name in comments to be entered in the giveaway of Something Smells Like Pee, and order your copy here so you don't have to wait.

Good luck, everyone!
* * *


  1. I've SO had my eye on this book - I'd love to win a copy (and give the copy I was going to buy to a friend). :)

  2. ha. repeating your phone number...and love vibes...um can get a little creepy, just saying...smiles...but def good for a laugh...i will check this out....i could use a good laugh...smiles.

  3. You are so very awesome for always supporting your friends, Alexandra :) This looks like an amazing read!! (Love the ode to Matt Damon, HA!)

  4. No, but seriously. Something DOES smell like pee. Almost always.
    I have two kids and two dogs. And a husband.


  5. she's hysterical - and I could really use a good laugh

  6. This sounds AWESOME. Plus now I have a new funny person to read. ~Roxanne

    1. Roxanne!! You WON! Emailing you for your address! Congratulations!

  7. You know, I consider what you do here, and on twitter, and at conferences to be a bit like gardening. You create all the green spaces, places to think and feel and laugh. You are amazing. And the book sounds hilarious!

  8. Sounds perfect. Please count me in!!


  9. Ok, everyone. GOOD LUCK! thanks for entering. On Sunday, I'm going to put the entries into random.org and GOOD LUCK!!!!!!!

  10. I smell pee all the time, and I thought that girls were supposed to be cleaner than little boys in the bathroom. That is not true. So this book sounds fantastic for me!



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