Sunday, May 4, 2014

ICYMI - Best of the Internet

Fun discoveries on the internet this week:

--Like this site: Astronomy Picture of the Day. A picture a day of our universe. Holds me in awe and my children, even more. Click and see.

--This one blows my mind: different kinds of rainy day music from rainymood . com. Really. I work best to nature's sounds, like rain, and with this, I can choose heavy, light, sporadic: SO COOL.

--A free download from sarahselecky . com on the ten most common mistakes short fiction writers make when they submit their work. Sign up and read this guide before you send your story out. I subscribe to sarah's free newsletter that includes a daily writing prompt... I get a lot of writing ideas from it.

That's the best of the best. I wish you a good week, with some fun, some production, and some just do nothing moments in it.



  1. cool on the rain sounds...will be checking that out here in just a few can be so soothing...esp to sleep to...

  2. I love having found it, Brian. It really helps me to focus when I work.



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