Saturday, August 23, 2014

Anyone Can Blog: BlogHer14 10x10

If you've been curious, wondering about why I started blogging, and why blogging is one of the most important things I've ever done in my life, then you'll like this. It's the Q & A you never knew you wanted.

Thank you, to the wonderful people that have come into my life because of Good Day Regular People. There is no way that I can give words to how you have helped to make my life happier. All I can say, is I appreciate your words, your time, and your friendship, so much.

* * *


  1. nice...the only reason i started was because a co-worker told me i had to....those first couple months are hillarious to look back on...figuring it out...

  2. Inspiring.
    Absolutely Encouraging & Empowering.
    The universe is better with you inside of it))!

  3. Your words and courage are so inspiring.
    You make me wants to write again and share my story.
    Thank you Alexandra!

  4. I have a thousand broken links ... and going thro old posts and rectifying all the drama - opened the door to read so many old comments ... and there you are. So encouraging xxx

  5. Wow - You continue to amaze me with your courage and perseverance. And I am one that is so happy to call you my friend (though sometimes I feel like I am friends with Meryl Streep. I love you with all my heart and soul.

  6. Thank you all for your kind words. To be a 10x10 presenter for BlogHer was an experience beyond words. I am so very fortunate, and starting a blog is one of the most important things I"ve ever done in my life. Thank you!

  7. I loved your 10x10! It was so encouraging to me. :)

  8. Look at you!!!! All that and a bag of chips (okay, but could you please eat a bag of chips hot mama!!!!)

  9. How incredibly cool: you leave a lovely comment on my blog; I come over here to check you out; and then I get to see you--a REAL PERSON--speaking and explaining and being so much more than I could have expected. Thanks to you, I'm having a great Friday night!



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