Tuesday, August 26, 2014

How to Be a Plants vs Zombies Champion

~A post from Auggie~

Hi, everybody. I had a good summer. I want to tell you about this one game, Garden Warfare.

I just bought the new Plants vs Zombies video game with my own money. My wallet is empty now but I wanted this game and I counted down the days till it was at the store. I waited days since I found out.

There are different classes of characters in this game. There are 8 main different character classes. 4 for each side of a Plant or a Zombie. In each of the 8 different classes there's 6 other things you can be of those guys, which is cool.

It's good for if you don't want your kids to play bad games, violent games like Modern Warfare because this is like kind of comical and not all about shooting. And it's zombies. And it's goofy.

So then you can buy this for your kids if they want a third person shooter. That means you can shoot and see around your guys. You can see yourself. Instead of your arms being the one to do it someone else does it. My mom calls it quote quote "Detached shooting."

This game builds team work b/c you have to work together to achieve the goal. The team the plants try to stop the zombies. There are different game modes which means ways to play the game, like there's one that works like capture the flag, then there's other ones where you like proceed through checkpoints.
One plus it doesn't say kill or death it says "Vanquish." My mom likes that part too, no one quote quote "Dies" my mom says "I don't want you to do a game where you make people die."

Oh, its' 3:14 3.14 PI!

Okay, back to Plants vs Zombies. Remember I said there's different modes? There's Team Vanquish mode and it has the word team right in it. You try to vanquish 50 of the other team.

And then there's Gardens and Graveyards mode which is kind of hard to explain but basically the plants have like 6 gardens. And then the zombies try to take them over one by one. And then at the end, on the last garden there's a big objective you have to do. Like, plant bombs or destroy the megaflower or get zombies into the mansion. You want zombies in the mansion if you're a zombie.

The main point of the game is there is no one story mode. It's multiplayer the humans get the plants to protect them from the zombies eating their brains.

How do you win? For mode Team Vanquish you have to get 50 vanquishes of the other team.

In Gardens and Graveyards, it's different for who wins depending on the side you're on. Plants or Zombies. There are different ways to win depending on who you are.

For the Zombies: you do this: You try to capture all the plants gardens.
For the plants: you do this: You try to stop the zombies from capturing the gardens. You only win by points.
If you worry about violence, NO ONE eats humans or brains. There are no humans in the game, if the moms want to know that.

I like it because I play the original plants vs zombies game and I was excited when I heard when it was coming as a third person shooter. There's also secret jokes, and funny surprise things like graffiti saying "PLANTZ R STOOPID".

For the plants there is the Chomper, the Sunflower, the Pea shooter, and the Cactus character.
For the Zombies, there is the Engineer, the All-star, the Scientist, and the Foot Soldier.
My favorite for each one: the Chomper is Count Chompula who gets health every time he eats a guy. Health is how much you have before you get dead. And the sunflower is the sun pharaoh. Who shoots like a triple shot.

The Pea Shooter, is the law pea. It's like a sheriff wild west guy who shoots like six shots of peas like the vegetable that do a lot of damage. The Cactus is the future cactus who can charge his shots, like charge it up.

My favorite zombies: for the Foot Soldier the tank commander. The scientist Dr. Chester. The Engineer, the Electrician. And for the All-Star, the Hockey Star.

You have to be age 10 and up to play. Girls and boys will both like it.

My favorite thing is how you can customize your guys with mustaches and hats to make them really cool.

The graphics are so good and I like how it's sunny and not dark graphics.
Also, this game is not very hard to learn. It is a great gift for a kid.

Thank you. Bye.
Here is my best tip: Every character has different playing styles, so find the one that is right for you. Try to find the guy that is just for you.
from Auggie
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  1. Auggie, I really enjoyed reading this. Made me chuckle. Liked the quote quotes. I probably won't be buying it cause I'm 53 and not as quick with the eye/hand coordination as you younguns are and I have no younguns but I get that excitement of waiting for something new to come into a store. For me it's usually a book for a dvd release. You're a good writer also. Thank you.

  2. Thank you so much, Mrs. Baker and I'm glad you enjoyed it. If you have any nieces or know other kids, this will be a good gift to get them. Auggie.

  3. i have yet to play this...i need to check it out...my boys got a 360 over the summer...we made them save their money...and then bought an extra controller...but this sounds fun...we'll check it out...

    how cool your system is set up to a projector as well making the screen so large...that is awesome....

    1. Thank you, Mr. Miller. I like that your kids saved their money, that's a good job on their part. And the extra controller is a good idea because they can both play with each other. The projector, I love it, it's just so cool. from Auggie

  4. You and my Miles would get on like a house on fire Aughie! Planets vs. Zombies, Skylanders and Minecraft. All his favorites.

    1. Thank you, Mrs. Roy. Those are my absolute favorites they're so cool. We have a lot in common. from Auggie

  5. Thanks, Auggie. I do like hearing that my kids will only be vanquishing plants and zombies when they are old enough to play. Like your mom, I don't want anybody practicing making people die.

    Secretly, I don't even like it when my kids kill the animals in Minecraft. I tell them to shear the sheep and take the eggs but leave the creatures alone.

    They laugh at me, which is rather rude, but also kind of funny. They're not trying to be mean. They're trying to get leather and tools. Fair enough.

  6. I already like the sound of this game, Auggie! Thank you for breaking it down for us, truly. I like the 'vanquish' rather than er, the other words.

  7. Thank you, Mrs. Alison. I use your book all the time. Still. Thank you so much.



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