Monday, August 11, 2014

As Summer Slows...

It's cloudy, overcast here today. Reminding me how summer is winding down. It's been a good run, this one, I tried to stretch it out, make it last, fooling myself that I could make the ten weeks feel more like ten months, as our family gets ready for our first born to launch.

He leaves for college in two weeks. I won't think about it until then (ha!) but actually, in truth, everyone in this house is excited and thrilled for him. He was accepted into his first choice, and it is a lifelong dream come true.

All this is made easier because he's ready. In his words, "Anyone who says summer is going too fast isn't going to Madison."

So there, take that, everyone.

Back to the swing of things, might as well get started now. Here we are, Monday In Case You Missed It, (just like we left off in May... that seems so long ago now)

--Super find here: 10 Bits of Stellar Writing Advice by J.R.Tolkien via Writers in the Storm

--If you're curious about google+ and how it works, this is gold, from Peg Fitzpatrick, "Five Easy Steps To Bake The Perfect Google Plus Post"

--A breathtaking read, "It's All One Life" from BaddestMotherEver (believe me, this one, you don't want to pass up)

There you have it, the weekly internet wrap-up. And yes, I usually do four links, but... baby steps into this return from summer, you know?

I love you all.


* * *


  1. He's right about Madison. It is the BEST school. I can't wait to read your last recommendation.

  2. Wow. College!! Big, big deal. I wish him all the best. And you...your mama heart must be so full and aching at the same time. Much, much love to you.

  3. Thank you for the linky-love!

  4. oy....leaving for know you have him ready, right?
    and he sounds will be a good year...just like my oldest going to middle school...its all a little more of them finding themselves...

  5. I cannot believe you have found us the secret to google plus!!!!

  6. Becky: I KNOW. A Badgie! I am thrilled for him.
    Heidi: you know me so well. I am thrilled for him, but yes, to the missing him.
    Ashley: your voice, forever, your statement, It's all one life. THANK YOU.
    Brian: college, oh my friend. We have so much to look forward to mixed in with him being gone.
    Andrea: google plus!!!!!!!!!! xoxoxo

  7. I went to Madison. Loved it. It's a great environment to learn and grow. Congrats!



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