Thursday, December 11, 2014

19 Makeshift Snacks to the Rescue!

My friends call me "good enough girl." That's what they call me, all right. Because if it does in a pinch, and if it fills a temporary need, why, then.... GOOD ENOUGH!

Today, so filled with the holiday spirit am I, that I'm sharing my go-to good enough snacks that are satisfying for a second breakfast or second lunch. Whatever you partake in (I happen to dabble gold star in both)

Go ahead, cobble a little extra sumpin sumpin special just for you today.

Let the foodromance begin:
--Sliced bananas mixed with microwave melted Hershey's kisses and mini marshmallows.
--Graham cracker S'mores, 23 seconds in the microwave.
--Hot cocoa with a 5 second squirt of Reddi-Whip. Chocolate sauce? Don't mind if I do.
--McDonald's will mix half and half of any flavor shakes for you.
Lately, I'm all into the half Arctic Orange with half Chocolate. Ho my god.
--Peeled, sliced apples smothered in melted French Vanilla frosting.
--Any kind of cupcake, any number. They don't count as cake calories because they're little.
--Hot dog sliced the long way, filled with shredded cheese, wrapped in bacon and put under the broiler for 4 minutes. Dang.
--A dinner plate full of Doritos chips, sprinkled with taco seasoned shredded cheese, diced tomatoes, crumbled turkey meat, microwaved for 1:25, then dolloped --  twice -- with sour cream and guacamole.
--Guacamole. Naked. No spoon.
--One scoop of chocolate ice cream with maraschino cherries on top. Mmmmm-hmmm. Mmmm.
--Frozen Girl Scout Thin Mints.
--Boy Scout Cheese Pop Corn.
--Instant brownie in a box brownies slathered with raspberry preserves while they're still smoking hot.
--Those Hot-Lava-Cake-in-5-microwave-minutes kits. Holy Wow.
--Lay's Thick Cut Vinegar and Salt Potato Chips stuck in between the bun and hot sloppy joe meat.
--25 crumbled crackers floating on top of a home made bowl of chili, heavy on the tomatoes.
--Martha Stewart Brand New Recipe for Boston Cream Pie cupcakes. Again, due to size, calorie-less.
--A baked potato, nuked, and stuffed with bacon bits, sour cream, cheddar cheese and a touch of salsa.
--A tall glass of Fanta orange soda served over a big fat scoop of creamy vanilla ice cream: Voila! Dreamsicle.

Are we all smiling and patting our bellies now? Good enough.

*Bonus Snack: Chips-n-Beer. Oh, wait, that's dinner. Never mind.

* * *

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  1. I had the last of my homemade cranberry sauce with redi-whip this morning. So delicious.

    1. Hi, Lauren! Thanks for stopping by. I tried to leave a comment on your site, but WP wouldn't accept my p/w. I wanted to tell you that I love what you say about finding romance. To be cared for and treasured is such a gift. Lovely lovely post.

  2. I haven't been able to do sweets in the past year, but I used to make the sliced hot dogs for the kids all the time! Avocados... YES! We eat a lot of potatoes, too. In a pinch, I even make mock potatoes, using instant potatoes, with sour cream, cheese, etc.

    1. Oooh, I never thought of the mock potatoes, Ms. A! Adding that to my list... thank you. xo

  3. So now I'm hungry! Love the first suggestion-bananas, chips and marshmallows, yum!

  4. Frozen thin mints? Drooling...

    1. Can make any day a bit brighter, Sarah. xo

  5. My metabolism is such that I just gained five pounds from the reading of this. *sigh*

    1. I know. Let's ignore that part of the snack activity , Jocelyn. xo

  6. Doing the work of angels, you are.

    1. Wrote this with you, my friend, in mind. Dedicated to Deb Rox. (the joy of a surprise snack)

  7. I snack all the time. On cupcakes.

    1. Calories don't count for moms of newborn twins, Alison!!



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