Sunday, December 7, 2014

Is That... Do I? What The Heck I Can't See

A difficult decision, but undeniable circumstances. It had to be done.

Fortunately, all went well and I am home. Resting comfortably? Yeah, sure, but I am whining and complaining all the way.

I had eye surgery Tuesday morning, and everything is still blurry with some razzle dazzle fireworks going on. I can't do a lot on my own and the eye drops that I have to take to avoid infection and calm inflammation sting like a mofo. I'm not happy. One can be grateful, and still not be a grinning fool.

Everything looks like nothing it actually is. My glasses don't work because my vision will be off until the swelling subsides, and so I pretty much have every light on in the house turned up to full candle power because dammnit I just can't see. I can make things out, but it's all a guessing game.

I finally decided to just get over it and enjoy the ride. So now, instead of migraine inducing jaw clenching frustration over screaming BUT WHAT IS IT! I just go with the flow. What I think it is, it shall be.

Like this picture I saw today. It was a holiday ad, but it looked like it was a woman who had just gone paleo and had rubbed the blood from her raw steak on her dress. Or maybe she's a fancy butcher. Either way, why question it. She looks happy.

I also went on a tirade, my children held captive to it on a Sunday morning, while I launched with all I had into an op-ed piece in today's paper where I read the author's opinion that a certain segment of our population is 'undeserved' of special attention. What?! After a few minutes, my middle son came over to walk me to the sofa and help me lie down. He glimpsed at the article I was frothing over and said, "Mom, actually, the guy agrees with you. It says, 'underserved."

Never mind.

Mostly, I just have to take a deep breath these coming weeks, and heal. Everything will still be there when I'm up and 20/20.

Except I'm kind of worried about one thing. I just logged on to Facebook and I can tell something big is going down.

All my friends' updates say they were up till dawn "Ordering Chinese presents" for their kids.

Holy Cow I hope when I'm able to see again that Oriental Trading Company does speedy overnight delivery.

* * *


  1. Ha! I do wish you a speedy recovery with only minimal misreads (and when they happen, may they give you even more blog fodder!). One thing I'm not clear on: was this an elective surgery, like Lasik, or was this non-elective? The loss of easy sight is tough stuff, no matter what.

    But as soon as you are able: get online and order your kids some Chinese presents!

    1. Thank you, Jocelyn. As my mother used to tell me, "appreciate good health" and I never understood but now I understand. Chinese presents for all!

  2. Wishing you a speedy recovery. Hope none of those drops are fluoroquinolones.

  3. I am opposed to ordering undeserved Chinese presents for children!

    Heal well. Xoxo

  4. Aww speedy recovery for you sweet sweet lady.

  5. Wishing you a swift healing process and much laughter along the way. xo

  6. Mostly, I just have to take a deep breath these coming weeks, and heal. Everything will still be there when I'm up and 20/20.

    Forget post-eye-surgery status: that right there is excellent advice for life, in general.

  7. ha. well i hope you are healing up from the eye surgery...i need to go see the eye doctor...but keep putting it off...i think i am in denial of my age...smiles.

  8. Impressed you are blogging with painful eyes! Hope healing is fast. We need our eyes!



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