Sunday, August 30, 2015

Trending this Fall


The Butterknife Bang. No need to leave home, only requirement is 1.) Thinking it's a good idea to give yourself bangs in the middle of doing dishes. 

The Someone Snatched me Bald-headed headband. Available in One Size: only for teens.

The Pink Fleece From 2002 That Still Works. Stainless steel dishwasher--like guacamole--costs extra.

The Mortifying Desperate Buy Stretchy Accommodating Geometric Pattern Dress. Available in-store only if purchased morning of major event when original outfit planned shrunk since last worn at graduation four years earlier.

The Colonial Pantaloon. Available October through April, not a trend as much as Wisconsin wardrobe necessity.

The Jelly Roll. Available in any bakery department. Works well to keep out the bone-chilling cold since, no bones to get chilled.

The Napping Sweater. Eliminates the worry about time or place, makes anywhere the right where when the mood strikes.

And the predicted final fall fashion favorite--

The Ocelot Wear ensemble. Or Zebra, Tiger, Giraffe, Lion, Bear, Raccoon, Leopard. Whatever faux-fur gets you through will be what's trending this fall.

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  1. I love you :) You look adorable (and most importantly warm enough to survive any conditions Wisconsin weather throws your way).

    XOXO and thinking about you. I know this is a difficult week for you, momma.

    1. You always make me smile, Charlotte. Thank you. xo

  2. This. All. Works. For. Me.


    1. We are getting to like ourselves. Finally. Thanks, Anna.

  3. No judging here, lady. I have fleece older than my middle schoolers. ;)

    1. Fleece. In Wisconsin, it will never be out of style.

  4. I have a friend that rocks the colonial pantaloon look and I was certain that she was all alone. Until now. The other looks, particularly the jelly roll, let's just say, been there, worn that. Glad to hear that I am "on trend".

    1. It is by far, not even courageous for me anymore. I love it. I am all tucked in tight and warm.



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