Tuesday, June 28, 2016

The Secret to Beautiful Summer Hair

For those of you in my Day Late Dollar Short club, this week is the week we're getting to our End of School Year to-do lists. Yeah, the rest of the world got to it weeks ago, I know, but we are still in the month of June, so we're good.

As we reach in and tackle those 9-month-long neglected innards of our kids' backpacks, it's not all put your hand in and pull out a green tangerine that your fingers sunk into. There are treasures within those zippered compartments, to be sure.

Treasures like what I found this morning. My backpack haul grew into my Everything I Need To Be Beautiful this summer trove. Not really, but at least Everything I Need To Keep My Hair From Having Its Own Zip Code.

Want to know the secret to summer hair kept tame and free from interfering with your field of vision? Look no further than what you'll find inside your childrens' backpacks.

Here are the Top 5 Hair-Busters that with along with a little Frizz-Ease, came to my rescue:

Shown: The long-forgotten scarf my child took to school in November for a Titanic re-enactment project where he was the Ship Medic and needed bandages. 

Shown: Rainbow Loom wristband slash most awesome ponytail holder for thickest hair imaginable in a Milwaukee summer humidity wave.

Shown: From when son called 1984 and asked for his mom's scrunchy bands back.

Shown: Rubber bands from the secret inside zipper pocket behind the pencil case flap. Why did he need so many? He doesn't want to tell me. But I was in grade school once and I know what a rubber band shooting ammunition cache for the 7th grade looks like.

Shown: Drybar hair courtesy of the school auction gift certificate for the February event that was never turned in for the February event but which was found crushed at the bottom of the backpack and nevertheless had to be used before the expiration date of July 6, 2016.

Happy summer everyone. I wish you hair resourcefulness and smart backpacking unpacking. May the gods of hair hacks smile upon you. 

* * *

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