Wednesday, June 29, 2016

What to Pack for BlogHer: Your Etiquette

Zipper repaired on suitcase? Check.

Comfortable yet still somewhat fashionable walking shoes? Check.

Phone charger? [the good one, not the free one you got that gets hot enough to catch fire] Check.

Your manners? Ummmmm... where do I go to find my Social Conferencing Etiquette Checklist?

If you're headed out to a conference, like I am, then Lucky You and Lucky Day! Because the answers to your Conference Etiquette quandaries are right over HERE, where I'm featured today on BlogHer with my unofficial learned-by-my-own-error-of-my-ways etiquette checklist : How To Say The Right Thing at a Social Media Conference. At any conference, really.

If you're like me, you've let things slip out of your mouth because you just didn't know. It's a hard lesson to learn, but you make your mistakes, you forgive yourself, and you're grateful for the grace of others who let you try again.

See what I've let slip through without the filter of awareness, along with tips on Saying The Right Thing. And if you find yourself saying the awkward, realize we all learn through living.

Hope to see you August 4-6, at BlogHer's annual conference. BlogHer is the world's largest social media conference for women, and this year we're in Los Angeles! Come to network, be inspired, and be among other bloggers who find the world of blogging one of the most supportive communities in the world!

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