Thursday, June 2, 2016

Thank You, Parenting Media Association!

 Parenting Media Associations Announces Winners of the 2016 Design and Editorial Awards for
Leading Local Parenting Publications and Websites. There were 645 entries submitted in the competition:  

Digital Media - Best Blog/Bloggers
Circulation 45,000 or more

Bronze: Sydney’s Child; "Child Mags Blog"

Silver: Chicago Parent; "Lollygag"

*Gold: Metroparent Milwaukee, Blogger Alexandra Rosas, "Mom Logic"


Thank you to Metroparent Milwaukee's Editor, Liz Paulsen, for her hard work and dedication, along with her kind heart. Liz is a dream to work with. And thank you, to Metroparent for the honor of being part of Metroparent Milwaukee Magazine.

You can follow my weekly columns on Metroparent Milwaukee here.


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