Sunday, April 4, 2010

The Dork At The Keyboard, Exhibit B

Me: (to myself) "Wow!! Holy Cow!! Hooking up with these blogger clubs really works, look! I have 83 new email messages on my gmail account! This is so cool."

click, read,click, read,click, read....

Me: "Hey, all these emails have nothing to do with me. I never even heard of these people, and they don't even mention me..."

Smart 14 yr old Son: "Mom, go in and check your email settings."

Me: "Whaaaaa?"

Smart Son: "Here, mom, let me, click, click.....MOM!!! aaaaaaaaaargh....."

Me: "Yes, honey?"

Smart Son: "You checked "yes" for "please alert me of new member activity!"

Me: "Oh, okay (said in very small, very tiny letters) , that makes sense. Well, it was fun to see all those emails for me, anyway, that weren't actually for me...."

Smart Son: "Mom, Dad's right, you just can't keep pushing buttons."


  1. Oh I so need a smart son to assist me! I am a self confessed technophobe and setting up a blog and figuring out what to do has been a real challenge! I could give you so many examples of my follies but it would take far too long.

    A lovely post

  2. omg I laughed out LOUD.

    And yes, you CAN keep pushing buttons.


  3. HAHAHA!! I've totally signed up to get follow comments and think WOW this is GREAT. Look at all the new messages... Only 1/10 is for me. Oh well.

  4. Sweet AM: I know, it's hard...but it's been SO very good for me to get my feet wet. Technology grows by leaps and bounds daily, if we'd do nothing, we'd get further and further behind. I'd be very interested in your foibles, too. Perhaps a post over at your site? I'd like that. SO GOOD TO SEE YOU HERE. xoxooxo

    Lovely VM: Glad I could make you laugh, the way you always seem to make me laugh. I am a HUGE fan of your site. Thank you for the visit and follow.

    Dear Alex: I'd love to know who you are, you seem so sweet. I love me my sweet ladies. Do you have a blog??

  5. Dear Alex: Oh, sheesh, never mind, think I just created "exhibit c." found you. duh. sorry...

  6. I have mini-assistants here who think I am hopeless too! Just keep pushing those buttons--something will happen!

  7. Dear BB: and that's why I love you, BB...b/c the pushing buttons works for me. Nice to see you!

  8. Oh,CFM: you are funny. So very funny.

    Thank you for the visit. I am your number one fan of "Strunck and White", I could read that daily. Wait...I do. xoxoxoxoxo

  9. When I first started, I pushed a lot of buttons too! It's completely appropriate! :)

  10. Dear La Mere: Thanks for the encouragement. I hope someday to get savvy, but I know you gotta dive in to do that. Nice to see you!

  11. Awww..It'll come just really started....give it time and then you will be overwhelmed like the rest of blog world...LOLOL....Im giving you an award , but I don't have it up yet check in a bit...

  12. Which is why I also have like 3,000 unopened msgs in my email box too...

  13. I am not sure who is more adorable here, you or your son ;-) Ah, the benefits of having a teenage son! Sadly my 6 year old is already taking over like that ("No mommy, the battery goes in THIS way"). But I totally agree with you that it's important to try and keep up with this technology, even if we may forever need to rely on our kids for a little bit of help. I am so afraid our world is going to turn into the Jetsons' at some point...



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