Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Pioneer Woman's Bloggity Rules And Breaking Them One By One...

I love me some Ree, I follow Pdub and click over to her daily.

Pioneer Woman keeps her blog as she does her corn chowder souffle, light and fluffy.

When Southern Living Magazine interviewed Ree this past March, she said the one thing she hoped that her readers walked away with every day when they left her blog was feelin' good.  As in, lots of daggums, and garshes, and whoa~nellies! I once counted 5 goshes in a post, it must've been a light day for her.

Point is, I love The Pioneer Woman. I do leave her place smiling, happy, and feeling good. That is her goal, and she is the best at it. The.Best.

Well, I am breaking Ree's A#1 Best Quality piece of advice to a successful blog here. She doesn't bring in $800,000 a year from her blog from not knowing what she talks about. Yes, that number is correct. See the Times Article on the Top 25 blogs of  2009.

Today's post here will not have a single dagnab it, gosh, or tantalizing picture of the most beautiful family life possible.  There will be no sparkly double rainbow sightings through an ever so light autumn drizzle.

I am falling apart. Not all at once. Just little stitch by little stitch. I am so not where I want to be at in my blogging life, so much so that I was at a loss as to what to do. I take where I am very seriously.

One of my favorite parts of blogging: the visits to other sites, is too far behind that I can't even joke about it. Not even a smart ass comment can be made as to the status of falling behind on my fave reads.

My other favorite part, getting back to precious and valued and prized commenters? Even in worse shape.

I should be feeling better at this point, the truth shall set you free and all that. But I don't.

I lamented and handwrung and wailed and tore at my garments to my closest dearest babes. And the two of them collaborated and will be offering up guest posts here this week, while I catch my breath. Tiffany, from On The Verge, and Tarja, from The Flying Chalupa, will be here Wednesday and Friday, even though one is swamped with a baby and business trips, and the other is swamped with school and 2 little ones, they're doing this for me. I know, I can hardly stand it.

And, that is why I haven't just shut it down to re open later. These two life giving angels will keep things afloat for me. 

My name is Alexandra, and I am 3 months behind on my Google reader and am sporadic with replying to comments.

You all have given me an incredible gift with your comments, and your time spent here, and your support in every direction I've gone. You all have given me an incredible gift, and I'm grateful for that.

I'm posting this today because I don't want anyone to ever think that I don't want to visit their site, or that I think I'm too busy to visit their site, or that their comments don't matter to me, or that I don't even read them,  so I don't respond.

That is my fear: and that is why I'm typing these words here today.

I am behind, because I am behind. So many reasons for it, but no one is interested in excuses. And I've read PioneerWoman, and I, sir, am no PioneerWoman, receiving 1,500 comments per post.     

Forgive me? 

P.S. I love you,  Tarj and Tiff, you two are a force of  nature to be reckoned with. Coming in on sweeping keyboards and all.

And I love all of you who are still with me, here, while I somehow failed to keep up with you. Thank you.

*BONUS: The Empress' Bloggity Tip: Set the bar low, you can always jump over. ( -

**Extry extry Bloggity Bonus Tip: blogging, the devil and angel of it is all the cool people I met cuz of it. However, blogging is like that waaaay hot college boyfriend that you know is so bad for you, you know? No? mmmmmmmK, then, never mind.


  1. What matters is when you do visit a site and leave a comment it is from the heart.... So forgiveness is not needed....
    Take care

  2. All I heard was $800,000...

    I'm sorry, was there more? (-:

  3. Hang in there Empress. We all fall into a blogging ditch now and again. You will prevail!

  4. smiles. go get your mojo back...we'll be here when you return...and dont stress...its a blog...tell e Hi!

  5. I know exactly what you mean - and I have nowhere near the followers that YOU do! Its hard sometimes to have a family and still keep up with the bloggy stuff. Sometimes you just need to take a little break. How wonderful that you have some great friends to fill in for you - can't wait to read their posts.

    And $800,000? Mind boggling.

  6. I had a couple of people "un-follow" me this summer. WTF is that? It is frustrating, for sure. The only comfort is that the internet does not just go away. And yet they're very forgiving. You pick up and jump right in whenever you're ready, and people will say, "Hey, how lovely to see you again!"

  7. Take off whatever time you need and then come back and say hi! Were I you, I would empty my google reader...as in delete, delete, delete...and then start fresh.

  8. That's why I took a week off from all blog reading and commenting. And when I got back from my week, I cleared my reader and started from scratch. It was a good way to restart.

  9. Can I say, "I LOVE this post"??? The honesty, the matter-of-fact way of saying things to friends, the simplicity in telling them all that you care... I really value that. :) Good going, Empress!

    p.s. your friends- thumbs up to them both! :) :)

  10. I can so relate to this as life off the blog is consuming right now and I'm barely staying afloat. Enjoy your time away!

  11. What PJ and hokgardner said. This has been coming for awhile. I'm glad you're finally honoring what you need to do.

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  13. STill here. Still reading. Don't comment much. We all have lives to live, so don't feel guilty. Catch your breath.

  14. Just found your blog and I get it. It becomes overwhelming to try to comment on all the blogs you like.

    But, hey, for Ree's $800,000 rainbows and unicorns blog, there's also Dooce's $1M shoveitinyourfaceand kickyouinthea$$ blog. So don't sweat it!

  15. A big LOL to Mrsblogalot above .. I thought the same thing.

    But, whatever is going on, you won't see me walking away from your blog. Nor do I do it to other bloggers who get behind. Frankly, I wonder every day how others are doing it. I know how much time my 3 kids take and I know how much time blogging takes. I would love to have more comments and more followers ... but I'd never be able to keep up ...

    at least not without letting my life fall apart in every other area ...

    So, I try to be satisfied with the role I'm playing in this blogging world ... and the important thing I discovered is that the readers I develope strong connections with always stick around ... and that's good enough for me ... at least for now.

  16. Dagnamit, woman! YOU aren't the only one always behind on blog reading. But at least? You're doing it (not to mention you have a few fan, who can't figure out poo from beans!)

    Love to you and your empire! Carry on...

  17. Oh, Alexandra, don't feel bad (this coming from someone who was going through the same thing over the last 8 weeks!!)! I read a very small number of blogs because that is as much as I can handle, and even that I can't handle sometimes. I feel guilty and afraid that I'd lose my friends, etc. But as you have told me, and as I have seen, the ones you have a connection won't leave you, just as your face to face friends won't leave you if things get busy or if you don't have time to pick up the phone in 6 months or even a year. Your words are always so heartfelt and warm. To me a thoughtful comment every 6 months is worth more than a regular one liner where I wonder if the person had even read my post.

    Please take whatever break you need to take care of you. Don't feel obligated to read or comment on every post. Skim through or click on the ones that you really want to read. Your blogging friends just want to know that you're okay, even if you can't read and write back on everything.

    Hugs. We'll be here whenever you are! (or we may be hiding under a blanket falling behind ourselves...I'm convinced that we ALL go through this)

  18. I put you on my blog roll so I could keep up WITH you. So much for the dang google reader...SIGH It is TOO hard to keep up with.
    You take a break and I'll be here when you get back.
    Commenting or not, I know you still like me.
    Have a GREAT DAY Alexandria!

  19. Um, I don't even open my reader. I've given up all hope of ever really being caught up. The absolute best advice that I heard about blogging- from Bloggy Boot Camp- was to do what you can and not feel guilty about the rest.

    As far as reading blogs- I go to my dashboard and just try to read some of the most recent there or I'll see who commented on mine recently and visit them. I have no real system and no illusion that I can really keep up. But, it's the best I can do!

  20. Okay, admit it. You're having guest posters so you can go do your homework for the Blog Challenge, right? :)

    I kid.

    Listen. Sometimes a few days to reflect and evaluate is good. One thing you need to do is delete every post from your google reader and start fresh. It will make you feel amazing. I've done it several times and it's so liberating.

    Second: go start deleting blogs out of your Reader that you don't read. Just seeing the sheer number of blogs in that thing go down will help clear your mind.

    Third: be easy on yourself. we can all do so much. I think Shell said it best (she always does!)

    xoxo :)

  21. Sugar. Sugar. Sugar. I would rather know that My Empress is taking care of herself and is feeling healthy and strong than to have a comment on my blog. Got it? This whole thing is supposed to be fun, not guilt-producing. I'm here and will be here and when I see you we'll have some candy and pie, but the main thing is that you are enjoying yourself in blogland and away.

  22. I'm good at the high jump...I'm liking that setting the bar low thing. And I'm SURE everyone has been in the 'behind' position at one point or another. I know I have...err...um...well...I am right now. And it kills me. I just want to stop time and responsibilities for awhile and dig deep into blogging and get caught up. I enjoy it so much and have missed it tons!!!

  23. Ya know, Alexandra, the thing about blogging is LIFE GETS IN THE WAY. With family, friends, community and/or church, there isn't enough time in the day to get caught up on what you really like to do - blogging with your friends. As for leaving a comment - or even reading - on my site, I can't blame you. First of all, there is nothing there that is good reading, like you have here. Plus you may not want people knowing you read my stuff anyway. Ruin your reputation! So I'll be happy to just come here and read your posts and occasionally comment. Just don’t go away.

  24. Dear Empress,
    I am so happy to be filling in while you take a breather. It's an honor! And I agree with the others, start fresh. As you see from the above comments, your readers are compassionate and understanding. Hell, we've all been there. And it's always nice reading posts like this one to remind us of it.
    Love you!
    Madame Chalupa

  25. I have been blogging for years and years and I am not a super power. I don't think it's in the cards for me. I continually try to reassure myself that the little things I get from blogging are why it's so cool and the relationships are what keeps me in it, not the money.

    Sigh. It's a lie. I want $800,000 a year. Or even in 10 years. I'd be okay with 10 years...

  26. You can only do what you can. People ask me all the time how I read so many blogs, and respond to 200 comments.

    Well, I have no kids, I have a husband who is gone a lot, and a job where I have computer access, and most days, enough down time to get through my Reader.

    But that's not typical.

  27. Oh fabulous Empress, Pioneer Woman (who I doggone LOVE) writes a fab blog but you (in case you didn't know) do much more than that...you (from what I can tell) seem to make friends everywhere you go, and we are not just lots of comment love or nothing kinds of friends, we will be here whether you have time to get to our posts or not, pinky swear.

  28. You are writing to bloggers here Missy. We get it. I never give it a second thought, unless of course its been so long that I'm worried you've succumbed to some terrible disease. Wow...800,00 huh? I kind of wondered. But then again she is the Oprah of blogs. The hubs thinks she has a team. I don't think so... which leaves me also to wonder, how the gosh darn heck does she do it. A Mystery, definitely a mystery.
    Have a great break. Hey and don't sweat it. This here blog shouldn't be a source of stress. Unless of course it helps create some humourous blog fodder, and then I'm OK with it : )

  29. I try to keep up with blogs - and then I take a 4 day vacation and come back to so much I'll never catch up again...

    we get it - and I love that you turned our shared frustration into a witty post. Now to figure out how I can make $80 a year... forget the thousand.

  30. Don't be so hard on yourself. :) It looks like you follow a LOT of blogs and there's no way to keep up with all that one hundred percent of the time. Sometimes you just have take a break. No one will be mad at you. That's what I think anyway. :) Plus you've done a lot in one year of blogging. Nice work on that! :)

  31. My 4 yr blogoversary post, which will go up on Sept 13, will hopefully give you some tips on everything you mentioned here.

    Leaving comments on everyone's blog is just a giant time suck. Reading 200 blogs a day is also a giant time suck.

    If you think it's bad now? JUST WAIT!!!!

    I'm evil.

  32. My present to you: a GET OUT COMMENT-FREE card. Seriously. DO. NOT. REPLY. No worries. No guilt.

  33. The other great thing about the blogging community? It's incredibly supportive. And loyal. I always am thrilled when I see a comment from you on my blog, because I know yours will be from the heart and full of wisdom or wit - or, often, both. You're more than just another blogger to me, you're a person whom I've come to truly respect and admire. So please, please take care of yourself, and know that you are loved by many of us. Whether you comment or not.

  34. I am a believer in pressing 'mark all as read' in my reader when the end of the day comes and I haven't got to everyone.
    There will be new posts the next day and I will read them.
    Do you use folders in your google reader? It might help you keep track of who's doing what. I can talk you through it.

  35. I can so relate to this one! Every once in a while, I'm faced with the awful truth that "Mark All as Read" button is there for a reason. It's sad, yet cathartic to push it.

    Most people understand how hard it is to keep up with everything. I love the comment about doing what you can, and not feeling guilty about the rest. Well said!

  36. $800K a year? Hmmm.

    "There is only one success: to be able to spend your life in your own way." Christopher Morley

    My way is not to spend the the vast amount of time it takes to have a hugely popular blog. My own way is different. And it has meant coming to terms in a less popular blog than I had to begin with, but I'm much happier in life today than I was back then. I don't think that's accidental.

  37. Here's my take. I don't want a popular blog because I want to be popular. I just want to write things that are good, and hopefully make an impact with my words.

    You do this. You are so, so, so good.

    I try to follow Shell's advice, and I do find myself getting overwhelmed so easily. I don't do reader, and I do my best to read and respond. Sometimes, though, I just don't get it done.

    Anyway, you're not alone.

  38. Totally get it Lady...dont worry. We'll be here waiting for ya

  39. Hey, don't feel bad. I never check my Google Reader. As in NEVER. I like to pop around the blogs on my blogroll and a few that I visit secretly that aren't on it. But don't feel bad if you can't comment on everyone or get back to them. Sometimes it happens, sometimes it can't. It just makes it all the more sweeter when you are able to make a personal answer.

    Duuuude, PW makes 800K from her blog?!?!! Okay, if I could do that or even make 20K or even 2K from mine, my hubby would lurve me. I think I'm going to add more romanctical **wink wink** stuff in mine, since that sells, you know. Psh, yeah, right. What is romance again?

  40. That is too much $$ ! No wonder her blog is so light and fluffy, I would be too.

    I am away from the blog world for the weekend and I feel lost, behind and absolutly a bad follower to some really good blogs. I can't imagine even further back. Hang in there! If you can't catch up, let it all go and just start fresh!

  41. Do what you can and when it is not fun anymore stop doing! Give yourself a break. We are all bloggers and in this together. We totally understand!

  42. Dear friend Emp,

    I want to tell you a secret. shhh. Come close and listen up. Awwwww - that was a hug first - most important. Alright, now to the secret. You don't have to respond to every person, every post. Sure, I do that for you every time you post, but you are one of ... maybe ten people that I respond to every post. Everyone else I read, and only comment if I feel like it. I think you are biting more than you can chew and are unhappy. But the more you're in the big-times as a blogger, the harder it's going to be. I still think people will love you and come here to read what you wrote. Kisses!

  43. I don't know much about Google reader, but how about emptying it out and just starting fresh? Focusing on the backed up stuff is too daunting a task.

    Just wipe the slate clean, my dear!

  44. I don't open my reader, either. I just read them from the updates on I get on my dashboard. It's less stressful for me to only see one or two blog updates at a time rather than seeing pages of them in the reader.

    I struggle with getting behind from time to time, too. Then I remind myself that blogging is therapeutic for me, but aside from making sure I post daily to keep me focused on my goal, it's not the priority. The only way I'll get through dehoarding the house, is if the only thing higher on my priority list is my family.

    And as wonderful as it is that Pioneer Woman is making 800k a year, which I'm sure is a dream of many a blogger, it's not realistic for the vast majority of us. It's likely not only a full time job for her but a part time job on top of that. People with kingdoms to run don't have that much free time. :)

    The only time I leave a blog, is if I realize they're too negative and are starting to weigh on me, or if they have things that are hugely inappropriate for my kids to accidentally see, if they're looking over my shoulder. Your blog fits none of those criteria, so I'll be around. :)

  45. All I know is that I have been following PW since exactly 6 months after she started blogging. Never once did I receive a response from a comment I left and never once did I expect one!! Isn't that why one should comment in the first place??? Shouldn't we comment because we enjoyed the post or had a thought to share...not because we wanted a comment in return?? I guess I don't get it! But I honestly know that she didn't get to be so big by spending 1000's of hours visiting other blogs and responding to comments or even commenting on other's blogs. She got big because she has a DANG lot to offer and is dripping with creativity and put that creative energy into her blog....team or no team!

    And so do you my darling! So do you!

  46. I'm always behind. I vaguely remember the days when I could read everything in my reader, but honestly? Those days are long gone. Even if I was making $800k for blogging then I couldn't read every post by every one of my blogging friends. Sad, but true. You'll find a level you can cope with, and we'll still be here :)

  47. Sigh. I have so been there. In fact, I visit that place often.

    You know what I like best in a blog? If I know there's a real person behind it. If I can FEEL a real person behind it. You're real; you're you. Us real people fall into holes now and again!

    Sometimes I'm all over the place, reading, commenting, interacting, and having a great time. Sometimes I pull back and stay away from the computer, or I observe instead of participating.

    Give yourself a break. WE will always give you a break!

  48. For the last few weeks I have felt swamped and not able to keep up with the fantastic blogs I love to read. I'm just trying to remember that life happens and that I hope my readers will understand.

    We can only do our best and give ourselves a break. You're an amazing woman, writer, and dear bloggy friend and I'm certain no one is going anywhere. Catch your breath, recharge and we'll be waiting your return...you're amazing. Have a wonderful day:)

  49. I definitely wouldn't worry yourself about it. Like Shell said above...do what you can do. Nothing bad is going to happen if you don't, other than stressing yourself out. I have gobs of posts filling up my reader, but I read what I can. Try to change your way of thinking. I used to stress about it too, but then realized I can only do so much with all the rest of my responsibilities. Don't worry. PS...does PR seriously make that much! Wow!

  50. Can I just say here that you are far too hard on yourself. You are a talented blogger. One of the best. Easily. Hands down.
    Just wait this out, give yourself a break, and breathe.
    Only good things will come to you.
    Do not even dream of commenting back, I'd rather you wrote a post...or went for a mani/pedi.
    You're terrific. Never forget. Don't get sidetracked (there's that's my two cents!)

  51. Just do what you can, and do what you enjoy, the rest will fall into place. Sometimes we don't get as much done as we'd like and other times we do. I find it usually balances out ok.

  52. The blog can certainly be a time suck. One that you need to have help with from time to time - thanks for writing up a guest post for me! :)

  53. How about this deal...I leave you comments when I visit, and you leave me comments when you visit...and neither one of us expects a reply! I love your blog, Empress, and I love "talking" to you on Twitter. And that's enough :)

    I know EXACTLY what you are going through because I could've written this post myself. Lucky that you have good friends to help you out :)

  54. Well, Empress ... nothing you can say, or don't say, will stop me from coming to your blog.
    Ever faithful, (hehehehe)

  55. I suckity suck at commenting too. I have only so much time to actually blog and when I started blogging I never even thought about commenting, just writing. I try and comment peeps when I can but I average about once a week if that!

    I LOVE that quote at the end! Stop comparing yourself to Pioneer Woman! That for sure will give you the bloggy blues! You rock just as you are =)

  56. Dear Empress,

    Thank you for these words, but it's not necessary for me b/c 1) we spambots don't have feelings you can hurt and 2) we samaoans are incredibly manly and would never admit to being hurt by anyone, let alone an empress.

    But thank you for tossing us regular people a bone every now and then.


  57. Are we talking about American dollars? I had no idea she made that kind of money.

    I'm stunned.


  58. you are so adorable! And I was JUST telling Paul that everywhere I end up commenting, you are already there with a beautiful, heartfelt comment. I read like 5 today alone. Don't be so hard yourself sister!

    and Ree is awesome. I always feel good when i leave there too. much like here.

  59. anything for you lady. just ask, and i'll come a runnin'--internet style, of course. (don't have the cash for a plane ticket. if, i could pay in thigh dimples though, i'd be there).

    ps- hispanics are awesome

  60. Alexandra, you're such a kind woman, as anyone reading your blog can see. Of course, you want to read and respond and keep friendships going. But all of us lead such busy lives, and I really don't think that anyone is keeping score.

    Rest, and start over in your reader. We'll be here tomorrow and the next day, and the next.

  61. I used to be really good at responding to every comment by email....then....life happened!?!?! And now I am 387 (real number in my email inbox) responses behind. Every day I open up that email and plan on spending time responding, and every day I feel overwhelmed and run far far away.

    Don't even get me started on my reader!

    Yay for good friends who come in and take over for a bit so that you can regroup!! That is a blessing!

    You made me feel better without any garshes at all!

  62. Is there anyone in the world of blogging that hasn't followed Ree and wanted to reach her levels of glory?

    She is the one that inspired me to take my blogging a little more seriously. I don't know what I was smoking that night when I confirmed my decision.

    But my dear, as overwhelmed as you are feeling, remember that you are making progress. You might not be at 1500 comments, but you I am your 62nd on this post--what I would give to have that!

    Hang in there. Take a deep breath and a break.

    I love your blog! And I know there are many others who do as well!

  63. The whole blogging/Twittering/blogfrog/freaking facebook fanpaging (really??) thing is starting to bug the crap out of me.

    Just clicked on over to that Ree person... again. REALLY? Too polished and pretty for me. Too Martha Stewart on the farm.

    I don't get it. Just. Not. Interesting.

  64. Oh my.....I totally understand. I feel bad too. Although I don't have hardly any followers/readers daily. I still want to reply and read all.

    Have a blessed day friend and remember to breath!

  65. I think it's going around. I'm feeling so swamped and so far behind that I am frequently tempted to just forget about the whole thing. But you've inspired me. Maybe I'll try to find me some guest posters while I wallow...

  66. do not even CONSIDER responding to this comment ;)

  67. Guess what? I've never read the Pioneer Woman until I was looking for that 1st rule of blogging and then I got all caught up in her pretty site, but then I came back to you because it's comfortable here. I like you because you are relatable which is why I read your blog. I don't always comment cause who has the time, but I"m around :)

  68. Oh, Empress . . . I SO understand. You give me a holler if I can help (really). And holler at me again when you get it all figured out.

  69. Candy says:

    This was sweet and funny at the same time.

  70. I know what you mean - when I see the other bloggers out there, I wonder what I'm doing wrong, and then I realize we're all here for different reasons. 800K would be nice, don't get me wrong, but I didn't start my blog for money and I think as long as we're true to ourselves in what we write, the readers will come don't you think? At least that's what I keep telling myself.

    Hope you're resting up :)

  71. Damn it.

    Again, I am late to the party.

    I'm going to talk anyway, because that's how I am. The blogs? The Twitter? The endless words? It should not be a burden.

    Think of all of this communication as a river, flowing past you. The river is always going to be there, and it will be different waters from one moment to the next. But the waters will always welcome you, always allow you to slide back in, to become buoyant.

    There is no falling behind a river. It moves, but it waits. Step in where and when you like. A single toe or a great swooping dive.

    What has gone before that dive?

    Who cares?

    This moment here? Where the water breaks beneath you and that river of words carries you away? This is the moment.


  72. 71 notes to the Empress = pretty darn impressive in my book ;) Okay, now I'm #72. I think life just happens sometimes and your friends in the bloggy-sphere will just have to understand that you are getting things in order and that you haven't forgotten about them but that you'll journey over when time allows. Don't beat yourself up for it and don't measure your worth with what someone else is doing. It's hard not to do just that but you'll always end up coming up short (okay, maybe I'm speaking for myself here...). Anyway, I always love what I read here and don't want you to think your readers are resentful of the fact that you can't always return the favor or whatever.

    I'm totally rambling but I hope this makes some sense. Thanks for all that you do, Empress :)

  73. Ree here. Hey, hope you don't mind that I borrowed your idea for my blog today. Got my rules of blogging up, liked yours so much.

    (heehee...can you guess who this is? I love you, woman..)

  74. OK, can I just ditto what everyone who has gone before me has said? (the benefits of showing up late to the party here) Everyone deserves a vacation, including you. We love you. And don't think of yourself as small potatoes, with 73 comments and nearly 500 followers, you are at least medium size potatoes in my book (I am small, baby, dying parents & autistic kids ain't anywhere near light & fluffy) You? You are an Empress! Enjoy your break.

  75. I still think you're pretty awewome. Hang in there.

  76. Girlfriend.I.Hear.You.

    In all seriousness, I'm sure you do feel bad because you leave THE best comments on others' blogs--heartfelt, funny, thoughtful. And it must be tough to not have enough time to do that. But trust us (I'm using the royal "us"), we understand. And we love you muchly.

  77. Aw, don't feel bad Empress - see, everyone here can relate. Being a mom & juggling everything is hard enough on it's own. I'm feeling the very same way as you right now with the blog, and I feel so guilty when I don't respond back right away, etc. But we have to take care of our families and ourselves first - that definitely takes priority. Also, look how many wonderful friends you've made here - all because you totally rock!

  78. Love ya, Empress! If you need anything, I'm just an email away, ok?

    Maybe it's the changing of the seasons because I'm in a total blog rut right now. Did you read today's (Friday) Lady Bloggers post? Totally hit home for me today.


  79. I am painfully behind on my google reader as well! I was doing fine this summer, but now- going back to work as a teacher, I no longer have time to think much less read. I keep telling myself it is ok--but then the guilt consumes me. One of these days I will find a balance. Maybe? :)

  80. I just apologized today too for being so behind on reading and commenting... but you have far more readers than I to appease :)

    But at least I could blame my Google Reader, right?

  81. I don't think you are alone on this. Judging by the number of comments you've received for this post, many others are in the same boat. I just spent the last 4 days trying to catch up on reading and commenting on blogs. And I don't even actively seek out blogs to read. I try to read and comment on people who are kind of enough to pay me attention. It's got to the point that sometimes if I stumble upon a blog, I actually feel a bit panic IF it turns out to be good. "Damn it! Now I need to add one more blog to my long list of things I want to do but can't!" (Yeah, you are kind of guilty in that you showed up in my life with Kludgy Mom and then you brought Tiffany along with you. Seriously??!! I can't read any more blogs... AHHHHHH. LOL...) This is insane. This is turning into a third job after my work and my family. And I can tell you sometimes I cannot bring myself to put this the last and of course disaster and guilt ensues... Damned if I do. Damned if I don't. Have you heard of "Email bankruptcy"? This is a method for people to deal with overflowing inbox: let's say you have thousands of emails in your inbox that you simply cannot handle, esp. if you rely on emails for work a lot. What you can do, according to some efficiency and productivity experts, is to "delete all" from your inbox, yes, and then send everybody you know an email saying something like, "If you have sent me something important that needs to be followed up, please email me again. Apology etc etc." You declare an Email Bankruptcy and start all over again.

    Sometimes I want to declare a BLOG COMMENT Bankruptcy and start all over again...

    Don't stress out. People who love your blog are here because they love your writing and you, not because you read their blogs. This relationship should not be based solely on quid pro quo right? It is not like buying someone dinner and then expecting sex. ;-)

  82. Reading this came at the perfect time for me. I just marked all the unread blogs on my google reader as "read" because I couldn't face the 400+ unread posts. I'm going to start over. Downscale. Organize. And then probably fall behind again. Such is life.

    I'm glad to hear I'm not the only ones who beats themselves up for not being better. Thanks for sharing.



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