Sunday, September 12, 2010

Yes, I Do...Yes, I Do...Oh.Yes.I.Do.

2 out of 2 guest bloggers say:
"Where did Saturday go?  Sorry I'm so late responding - ditto to what Tiff said about your readers.  You're welcome and ANYTIME.  Your readers are wonderful and generous in their comments."

"I love your readers - their comments are always so genuine." 

Ahem, excuse my puffed out chest here, but Oh Yes I Do ....I do believe that I have the best readers and the best commenters end of story. Lucky, lucky, hugely lucky me.

Those first sentences here in today's post?  are what Tarja of The Flying Chalupa, and Tiff of On The Verge, my awesome guest posters from Wednesday and Friday, had to say about the comments left here for them.

Taking this week off has allowed me to think, ponder, mull, and come to a realization. I now know why it has bothered me SO VERY MUCH that I haven't been able to get back to everyone who comments here.


I know now why I don't like the feeling of not being able to make it to your blogs as often as I'd like.

*i can see clearly now*

So this is why I have been unhappy in falling behind in contact with all of you.


IT IS because I really really like all of you. And, not just regular like, but really like. Like, grown attached to, and miss. I didn't have guilt, I had a case of missing you. 

See what I'm saying? I missed you all because you are all that. And it took Tiff and Tarja to just say, "hey, your readers rock" that made me actually hear PING! in my head at the thought of "that's it!"

I don't feel guilty, I MISS THEM.

So, I came across the most AWESOME way to say "I love you, man" over at Wellington Road, which just so happens to be the blog of the week here. Juli Ryan is the author of this sweet, sweet, intelligent and clever blog. She is living in New Zealand with Five, her precious son with an accent, and her husband.  She held a giftcard giveaway, no strings attached, to say thank you to her readers. "Hey!," I told Juli, "I can do that and would LOVE to do that."

So, I am doing that to say Thank You. And to say You Rock. And to let you know how I truly appreciate you and want you to feel that, not just read it, but to know it, too. I love this idea, I really do.

My live in tech support coughhusbandcough will pick a random number, and that will be the random commenter winner on this giveaway of your choice of  a Starbucks giftcard or Border's giftcard or Barnes and Noble giftcard. Your.choice. Just please leave a comment so we can do this thing.

Ahhh...I feel so good about this. Thank you, Dr.s Tarja and Tiffany, for the productive session. The check is in the mail.

And, THANK YOU,  to all of you, my most wonderful commenters and readers. You really are the best, you know that?

Also: I know I don't have to do this,  but I really want to. 

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  1. I have given away a couple tie dyed creations on my blog. It's a blast to give something away.

    And I love my blog friends, too.
    AND my blog fiends.


  2. I gave away a set of 'cow magnets' which are magnets inserted into our cows stomach to basically help save their lives if they ever eat pieces of metal mixed into their hay, etc. It was so much fun! Have a fabulous Sunday:)

  3. Oh, wow. You are sweet to mention me. And I am so very honoured to be your Blog of the Week. I got the idea for this giveaway from the talented and lovely Jayne at

    I click “Like” on lots of posts in my Google Reader, which I hope lets people know that I read and liked their posts, even if I don't make it by to comment.

  4. and thank you...i am proud to be a commentor...smiles. and thank you for when you come by...but dont stress on it please..

  5. how frikkin awesome are you? like awesome to the maximus [see that? all empiracal and stuff?]
    i have no idea. but you ARE incredible! Mwuah!

  6. I'm with Brian 100% (but you already knew that).

  7. Us regular people love you, too. That and the tagline "You can't stop me." Who would ever want to do such a thing? Seriously.

  8. I'm with Brian, too. But what I am really intrigued by now...are those cow magnets. That is amazing.

  9. Also intrigued by cow magnets - who knew?

  10. woot woot. I know how it feels to have awesome followers cause I too have some awesome ones. And like the ones above I am interested in cow magnets

  11. Aren't readers & friends great? They're part of what makes blogging so much fun! Don't worry too much about making the rounds, just do what you can. That's the best we can all do!

  12. want to know why you have amazing readers and comments? Because YOU are amazing! You are so supportive and sweet.

    Thank you for taking the time to comment on our SITS day this week. Loved that!

  13. I do not want to be entered in the giveaway.

    Not even.

    But I love you.

    That is all.

  14. Isn't it wonderful how these communities form? It still amazes me after years of blogging.

  15. I am so impressed with myself for showing you the light, Empress. With Tiffany's help, of course. I will now start charging $175 a session.

    But seriously, great idea for a giveaway to let your readers know how awesome they are!

    Your humble psychiatric servant,
    Mrs. Chalupa

  16. Giveaways are so much fun aren't they? I always joke that it's not the generous activity people think because it makes you feel so good. :)

  17. LOL this is funny-I came by because I was thinking..."Man, I haven't see her for awhile, and I MISS HER." And here's this post, saying exactly the same thing! :)

    Happy September. I hope that you had a great week off!

  18. Isn't that the beautiful thing about blogging, you meet people that you want to just shower with gifts?

    It's gift enough to know you Empress!

  19. I feel like I'm getting something special every time I come by and nothing else is necessary: )
    I'm already amazed at what you accomplish. You deserve a prize for dedication yourself!

  20. I agree with Mom of PG above. I don't need a gift card. I love you no matter what. I just miss you when you're not around. And I understand that life and kids, family, etc. get in the way. But it won't stop me from reading you, coming by, and thinking of you. And admiring you.

  21. You know I just come by to bask in your awesomeness..

  22. Your words are gift enough.

    However, I'm not taking myself out of the drawing. I could use a B&N fix. I'm selfish like that ;-)

    Off to visit Juli!

    Forever your humble servant, me

  23. aren't you the sweetest lady!

    and, as for our session-- free for the first two minutes, and a dollar each additional minute...

  24. Just reading you when I have a moment is gift enough. If I win, give this card away to a stranger as a gift of kindness...paying it forward, so to speak.

  25. I've thought about doing a giveaway, but I'm not sure, if anyone would want anything I have. ;)

    You sound like you're feeling better. I'

  26. You are so sweet. I try, too, to keep up with others and give comment/blog luv. That's why it drives me nuts when sometimes life gets in the way a bit and I can't get to everyone as often as I'd like.

  27. Aw - imagine if I win and I can't even use it. sniff. oh yes I can! We're visiting the states in Dec. yay!

  28. You know what? I always smile when I see a have a comment from YOU!

    I know what you mean. When we travel or I'm otherwise occupied with life and I'm not visiting and commenting, I really miss it. When I return, I find myself thinking, "Wonder what I missed?" and hoping all are well.

  29. you should take lori's lead and do a mug with baby e on the side. then end up having an epic #MugBrawl over it.

    just sayin'

  30. ooohhh I love giveaways Alexandra - you know that! so much so that I'm getting CCC to help me post this during the Packer game - that is true love!!!! :) I'm so happy to see you writing again - I know it was a hard week. I'm gonna win :) Come visit. M & boys

  31. Looks like I picked the right time to stop by! And, you are welcome...even though I have been on my own break and not been around much, I still like to take credit.

  32. Liz's idea is FANTASTIC! You're one of my new favorites, and giveaway or not, I'll always come to visit :)

    And when you're ready, we can write our literal post ;)

  33. I will be selfish and read your blog AND say Pick Me for the gift card. I win by getting to read you and go to Starbucks. I just wish I could take you to Starbucks with the giftcard! Love you mucho!

  34. Aw, you have got to be one of the kindest bloggers I know. Thanks for letting me read you. Your thoughts always make me smile.

  35. You are simply the coolest. When can we be real-life best friends instead of just bloggy best friends?

  36. I've been getting requests that it should be BABY E to choose the random number.

    Yeah, you're right. You are his, too. Must.share.awesome.readers.

    So, Baby E, it is. He will choose Monday.

    I'll take a pic, cuz he will love the news.

    Let you know the score in the morning...

    Have a great Sunday night...xoxoxo

  37. I'm glad you got your mojo back, I look forward to the return of the regularly scheduled programming.

  38. Isn't it wonderful that moment when you realize that your followers are also your friends(...or your friend-ish-es?)

  39. Well, I love you too. And it was nice to find some new blogs on your site but I missed YOU.

  40. time off does provide some bursts of insight. communities form genuinely, and there's so much meaning in people's words. we call them comments (because they are) but they're also a richer form of saying hello, and few things (like maybe i love you) are more profound than hello from cherished friends.

  41. I don't need a gift card, even though it is such a sweet thing you are doing here, but I wanted to say that you never have to feel guilty about popping by or replying. We're all doing the best we can here and none of us expects perfect attendance by any of the rest of us. And know that if you never stopped by my blog again, I would still consider you my dear friend. Okay? Got it?

  42. Ok, you totally know that we love and adore you even sans stuff, right?

    I mean, we LOVE the stuff and all, cause well, it's cool stuff.

    But love goes your way stuff or no.

    Cause, you know, you.

  43. Me, me, me, pick me. I'm the LOUD ONE, YELLING in the comment section Mr. Empress! My comment is like a magnet... its pulling your hand to my number.
    So glad you had a great week!
    I'm a liking your new epiphany : )
    Its working for me.
    I'm feeling it.
    Can you tell I've had too much coffeeee this mornign : )
    Love ya,

  44. Oh darn, now I see its Baby E and I'm guessing he doesn't like raucous loud old women who yell at him. So I'll sit here in the comments section quietly and spell morning correctly 100x on the black board like a good little conscientious blogger.

  45. My gosh, you really do have nice commenters/readers! Well, it takes one to know one :-)

    A great giveaway would be coffee or tea with Alexandra ;-) It would be so wonderful to be able to meet in person.

    Never feel guilty - life happens all the time.

    Having said all that, pick ME ME ME! ;-)

  46. Awwww. You are the nicest of all! And you don't even need to give us anything. I mean, I wouldn't turn down a gift card, but you don't need to do that. We love you!!

  47. I don't need a giftcard to come, just need your posts. Once a week, maybe?

    Hope you're feeling better soon. I'll call you later this week.

    Miss Ocean Waves (heehee)

  48. I love that you said what you said...I have been thinking the same thing lately! So many wonderful bloggy friends to read about, so many things to write, etc...and then it starts feeling all icky and hard. Until you remember why you do it.

    And then it's like chocolate on top of ice cream. Did I just say that?

  49. what an awesome idea.

    There are so many awesome commenters and awesome blogs out there. It is gard to keep up with all of them.

    I'm always trying to make all the rounds but as my husband pointed out I spend too much time on the computer and that's why "I never get anything done."
    Thst's right... hands off ladies. This charmer is taken.

  50. That really IS a good idea! I can't count myself as one of your frequent readers/commenters...YET, but I vow to stop by more often! I always enjoy reading your funny writing. I just have to come up with a better system of keeping up with blogs. Better than tying my children to the roof. I bet they are going to wear out the shingles up there... Hmmm...

  51. Is it wrong that I am madly clicking away on so many of your commenters that I have also been so negligent with? I have to agree that they are the best. Smack me, will ya? Haha.

    And Baby E, you know you love some Drama Mama and Scoopin the Poop. (and yes I did totally stoop that low. I hear a white chocolate mocha latte calling my name.)

  52. So glad I found your blog! I came by to say thank you for your sweet comment...uhm...not to win something or anything...I swear! But if I happen to get picked I won't complain.

    But seriously, thanks for checking me out! As a blogging newbie, I'm flattered! :)

  53. You're just awesome and I am feeling the same way, like "WOW I really LIKE my readers" in a they are my "GIRLFRIENDS" kind of way.

    you're the wonderful kind of royalty, you give a Damn :)

    Happy Tuesday

  54. Well, cause I know I'm your favorite new blog you don't hafta include me in your giveaway (did I mention how delusional I am). But ya know...please do. I never win anything so this would be cool if I did ;o). But I get what your saying too. I love my readers and I wonder constantly why they keep coming back for more of my craziness.

  55. Oh my goodness, I only manage to get online and comment about once a week - I completely understand if I don't hear back - after all, I got the pleasure of reading you!

  56. I just can't stay away, gift card or not. You're irresistible!

  57. I miss my friends when I'm not around much too...I have made some great real life connections!!

  58. I think I should win because I'm so far away, don't you? No Starbucks here, though, so just send me money.

    See you in December.!!

    Teach. and Peace.

    Kamar says HI!

  59. Good for you for getting some time off! Glad you are refreshed! And awesome that you have such wonderful readers! I know how hard it is to feel behind on commenting on other people's blogs! I figure quality is better than quantity though right!:)

  60. I think it's awesome you're doing this as a thank-you to your readers. Of course, I'm late in commenting as well but sometimes life happens and it seems to me your followers are understanding of this :) But it's a very nice gesture in any event. Hope you're enjoying your weekend, Empress!



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