Saturday, April 14, 2012

My Birthday Post

Baby E is posting today, and it's a special one because it's his birthday!

If you're new to
Baby E's Posts, he usually posts on Mondays. You can go here to read his first post.

Thank you, as always, for listening. He is so lucky to have a place to go and all of you have made his life a bigger place, which is so important for a little guy to know. Thank you for that.
Hi, Everyone. I haven't been here in awhile. Even though this isn't really a place, I'm still here.

I am going to have a really cool Angry Bird birthday party today. Because it's my birthday!

I am one day older than I was yesterday but I'm TEN.

I'm ten.

Two numbers now instead of just one.

I am literally itchy because I have this GIGANTIC present and it's HEAVY and so I don't know what I'm supposed to do. Luckily my birthday party is like in five minutes.

And then I have some little presents that I can obviously tell what they are.

How can you tell, Baby E?

Well, this is a secret: but by the shape and feel. Like if it's square and thin then it's probably a Nintendo game. Then if it's like round, it's a ball. Like a soccer ball. If it's circular and then flat in the back it's a Skylander. If it's small and square and tiny it's a gift card. For Starbucks! (just kidding, mom!) You can use weight as a clue, too. Seriously, mom, you have got to get better at wrapping. I can guess everything. I can see one now that I know is my 39 Clues book I wanted.

Baby E!!

When I was littler I used to want to know what my presents are but now I like not knowing. I'm different now than when I was little.

How else are you different now than when you were little, Baby E?

Well, because I'm older. And more mature because I'm older. I'm not greedy because I'm older. I'm nicer because I'm older, and not as bratty.  Most of it's maturity stuff.

That's it. I like my birthday a lot.

Wait, Wait. Baby E, why do kids like their birthdays so much?

They do because of the presents and the attention especially if you have not only kids. That's why birthdays are a really good thing.

Okay, last question, Baby E: why do you think happy birthdays change when you get older?

Um ... seriously, I'm seriously done. One question, then no more. This is my answer: I think, but I already know this, you change when you get older because what you want gets more expensive like cars and stuff and then you can't have what you want. It's easy to get a kid what he wants. Just go to Target.

Also, I say I love you to my mom and dad and brothers when they get me my presents, and it sounds like I'm saying it because of getting the present but I really do love them without the present.

Bye! (Mom! I'm DONE!)

I like to pretend to be a Pirate-Dragon
P.S Even though it's my birthday, I still can't say the word stupid. So I'm going to say, "Mom, you'd have to be really not smartliness to not figure out the presents you wrapped on the table."


P.P.S. And now my dad's making fun of me telling me that the phone call now from the Weed Man is him calling me to wish me Happy Birthday.

*Happy Birthday, wonderful Baby E! You make us laugh, and smile, and have a good time. Today, we celebrate that you were born! Happy Birthday, sweet baby. We love you.


  1. Hey, Baby E (and hi to your mum, too.)

    Just popping by to say hope you have a great birthday!

    Double digits is a big deal, but I guess you know I hope you enjoy every minute.

    Have an awesome day!


  2. Happy, happy birthday Baby E!!!

  3. HAPPY BIRTHDAY AUGGIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Wow, double digits! You are a grown man. lol. Have a great day and a fun sleepover. Love you lots, Candace

  4. Happy Birthday!!!!! Ten is a very big deal, double digits! Now I'm totally curious what was in that big box...maybe it was something small mom wrapped in a big box to fool you?!?

    Either way, have a good day and enjoy those presents!!!

  5. This was so sweet! Birthdays rock. Have a great one E!

  6. Happy DOUBLE DIGIT Birthday to Baby E [although not so baby anymore, huh?].

    I hope the party was awesome.

  7. really not smartliness...haha..that is awesome baby e...and happy you are getting mature...and i hope you get exactly what you want...and have fun at the party. i just got home from my youngest sons first baseball game of the season...

  8. Happy birthday! Have a great party!

  9. Awesome. My Tech Support is soon to be a teenager. Yeah. So enjoy these tween years. Happy birthday baby E.

  10. "Baby E"
    Do you know how cool you are? I wish you a very Birthday.
    Have you mom visit me on my blog and I will teach her some very clever ways to diguise your gifts. Really. I am pretty good at it.

  11. I turned this comment over to my 8-year-old daughter, known on the innerwebz as "Bug"

    Hey E. Is there anything worse than your mom and my dad blogging? Don't you get sick of them taking their phone out and taking pictures every time you want to dance around or eat a sandwich? Happy Birthday. I'm getting a drum set when I turn nine in August. I mean I think I can foce my dad and mom to get me one. You have to use that face, you the face, right? Happy Birthday, dude.

  12. Happy Birthday E! Hope you had a great one! :)

  13. Happy, Happy Birthday E!!!... and many more!

  14. Ten? HAPPY BIRTHDAY, BABY E!! That's a big deal. So big you brought me out of internet hiding. So I have just one question: what was in the big box? And congratulations on not being greedy. That's a major accomplishment. I bet you've got some awesome parents. Hope you had a fabulous birthday bash and went to bed packed with cake. And love.

  15. Thank you all for your wonderful, wonderful birthday wishes.

    Auggie has read them all.

    And guess what was in the BIG box?

    A regulation size soccer goalie net/combo trampoline ball return net.

    He was out there all day...

  16. Happy birthday Baby E!!

    Moving into the world of a two-number age is a big thing.

    We might have to start calling you "Old E" pretty soon.

  17. I love baby E posts...although not such a baby--Double digits, man! Happy Birthday!

  18. Happy Birthday Baby E!!! An Angry Birds 10th birthday party sounds awesome!

    I'm also sure my soon-to-be 9 year old would think he too should get to say "stupid" too but alas he is not getting that for his birthday either!

  19. Oh Happy Birthday Baby E! Double digits eh?
    I think that you're spot on about us adults wanting more expensive things. I told my husband that I wanted Chuck Norris to show up at my birthday party but, well, it was probably too expensive.
    Please tell me that your mother taught you about the Chuck?

  20. Happy birthday baby E! I love your smartliness! Hope you knocked out lots of green piggies!

  21. Happy Birthday yesterday!!!

    Also, I think going to Target is still a good idea for adult presents too. Though I would never turn down a car if it was offered to me.

  22. I missed your birthday BABY E!! I've been filming a tv web series for three days and missed it. Sorry!!!

    Reading what you wrote is very interesting because adults don't remember when we were 9 going on 10. (it was like 120 years ago)(shut up)

    To read that you know your gifts by touch and sight, and how you perceive the difference between being 9 and now being a 2 digit, I think how wonderful it would have been if all of us adults could have a permanent record of what we went through at that age. (it was like 120 years ago) (shut up)

    So happy birthday Auggie, have a wonderful 10th year. Know we are all thinking about you, ALTHOUGH SOME OF US ARE DOING SO BELATEDLY.

  23. Thank you to everyone who stopped over to wish Auggie a happy birthday.

    We read all of your comments earlier today. We asked him his favorite gifts: he had to think for awhile.

    He then decided it was the rebounding soccer net, the iTunes giftcard, and his books.

    He then added, I really like books.

    Thanks for your love, you truly are all of you, the best.

  24. Hey Auggie - Young Lady had her birthday party this weekend too (but she's only 8). You can ask your mom to show you the latest post on my blog and then you can see if her party was cool or smartliness. I don't think she got as good gifts as you but she was still happy.

    Happy ten years and may you have 10 more decades to come. :-)

  25. TEN. That's a big deal. Happy Birthday Mr. E. xoxo

  26. Happy Birthday Baby E, hope you day is full of joy ...and lots of cake!

  27. Happy Belated bday Baby E!! Just found the blog and glad I did. Hope the angry bird birthday was awesome .

  28. Happy Birthday Baby E! It sounds like it's going to be a GREAT one!!!

  29. Hi Baby E and happy Birthday MONTH!!! (celebrate like me and party all month long!!)

    You have the best answers to questions! 10!!!!! Enjoy every minute of it !!!!

  30. I have that same outfit!
    We have three birthdays in my family this week, so I'm almost tired of cake at this point.
    Happy birthday, hon!

  31. Thank you TO ALL OF YOU!! Baby E read your well wishes and was beaming his BIGGEST smile.

    I know such good, good people...thank you!

  32. So Baby E,

    I happen to be a big fan of birthday posts (like HUGE) and I know how much birthdays mean to your mama so posts on them are also very important. And guess what?

    This is probably my favorite of them all.

    Not just because of your words of wisdom regarding Target and the not smartliness of certain wrapping techniques, but because of your gratitude and maturity which has surely increased - even since yesterday - along with your age.

    If only all grown-ups knew that they were supposed to get less bratty and more loving as they aged. We could take a lesson from you. (And I'm 43. Gasp. I know. Ancient.)

    Anyway, I hope your Angry Birds party was fabulous, Baby E.

    And thanks for sharing your amazing boy with us, Empress.
    Because Mama? Job. Well. Done.

  33. Happy Belated Birthday, Baby E!!!! The big 1-0 and already so wise beyond years! Love the part about Target *snicker*! Perhaps if we all appreciated the celebration and kept our tastes more simple and realistic, each year might be more exciting than the last! Enjoy your newly earned double digits, Kiddo!

  34. How sweet that two of your boys celebrate their birthdays so close to one another (my brother and I are ten days apart and my dad's bday is the day after mine. Lotsa cake in a short amount of time!).

    Hope he had a wonderful one this year and enjoyed his gifts and angry birds themed birthday. Happy happy belated, Not-so-Baby-Anymore E!



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