Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Of Love and Castro. WTH, Throw in a Big Diamond Too

A long line of story tellers. That's where I come from.

My mother spends the day with us on Sundays, and shares tales of her life while she's here. Her memories are true things of delight, and time has been so much more than kind in how she remembers her days. You can say that time has been ass kickin' kind in the boss memories it's given her. Like the one she tells us about here, my monthly column at FunnynotSlutty.

Know what we say in our family? It's your life, you can remember it any way you want to. *this means you, mama

We love you.


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  1. ha. ok heading over...
    but pausing to say hi
    to e

  2. My kids all remember their childhoods differently, even though they were raised by the same parents. As parents, we remember things differently than they do... when we can even remember things.

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