Thursday, March 7, 2013

Secretly, My Life Was Better Than Easter Baskets

Hard to not be envious, as a child, of the kids who had Easter baskets taller than they were, stuffed with 24 inch high chocolate bunnies (bet they were hollow), miniature chocolate bunny eggs wrapped in pretty yellow and purple foil (impossible to peel, anyhow), and plastic eggs rattling with coins inside (pennies, I'm sure).


Unless you had something better during this time of year, like I did.

We Colombians do a lot of things to the moon and back, and Easter -- well, come find out why I say "No thanks, you can have your shredded plastic green grass."

I'm always proud to be featured at TikiTikiBlog, I'd love to see you there today for "La Via Dolorosa."

*thank you.


  1. Heading over there now! Hooray for writing! Hooray for celebrations!

  2. Yeah, those bunnies with the blue and white eyes tasted icky...give me less but better chocolate!

  3. Ooooh, excited to read about your Columbian Easter traditions! Off to read now :)

  4. I came
    I went
    I'm back...

    That was a great story about a nice tradition. Loved it! There were no Easter Baskets, chocolate rabbits, or jelly beans in my family. My mom told us there was no such thing as the Easter Bunny and to get over it...

  5. Hey sweetie - the link has some extra letters on it that make it not work. I removed them, but you might want to fix it for the less tech-savvy. ha ha ;-)



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