Friday, May 17, 2013

Chuck That Thesaurus

Books sit in piles in front of me, dollars spent on Amazon in hopes of that one right word, reading late into the night to expand my wordstock, following the monthly "It Pays To Increase Your Vocabulary!" with each new Reader's Digest issue.

For what? For naught, that's what.

I just saw a video where Dennis Rodman answers all these world important questions with freakin' made up words! I sat my husband down and made him watch a news interview done after Dennis' trip to Korea -- when it was finished, I rolled my eyes and turned to my husband, asking his feedback on the ridiculousness of the word vomit just witnessed. My intelligent, well employed husband says, "THAT? Was awesome."

There you go. Awesome.

Read about my word snobbery conversion, at Aiming Low. My post today "I'm Going To Make Up My Own Words."

* * * 

*Thank you. xo


  1. It's fun to make up new words, that kind of fluidity is a sign of a healthy living language - France and Turkey's regulated strangulation of vocabulary is giving them such headaches, poor dears. Liguistic creativity can be a part of being a linguophile, just like learning preexisting words as you were doing (which is totally exclellent of you by the way). I made up a word - used Greek roots to make it more legit - and am still terribly tickled about it. A little more rigid, less intutive than the hybridizing of Mr. Rodman, but I had a blast doing it. Maybe even two.

    My new word:

  2. I can't even get my husband to pronounce the words already in his vocabulary correctly anymore. I don't know what has happened!

  3. heh, you know i must go look this up now...smiles...i love words....and def make up a few of my own...

  4. I try to stay away from the Thesaurus.
    It's more creative & interesting when I make up my own!


  5. I used to have a boyfriend who did that. Knew he was doing it, in fact, and reveled in it. I had the same eye-roll response.

  6. Sadly, if you've achieved the amount of fame/notoriety of someone like Dennis Rodman, it doesn't matter what you say. You'll have legions of fans who will praise your ability to make up sounds and pass them off as words.

    I may have just seen him on the finale of the Celebrity Apprentice (uhm, I dunno... I was just... scanning the TV one night...) and I saw this, too. Ahh well.

  7. Oh, and don't care chuck that thesaurus. At least you can teach your children better :)

  8. This thesaurus is not limited to only older words, terms, and phrases: but also contains slang and many new words and terms. It supplies a brief but adequate sentence for each listed word, phrase, and term, as well as for their different forms (i.e. adverbs, nouns, verbs, etc.) to sufficiently define their uses. I also enjoy the fact that this thesaurus lists antonyms, for sometimes I can think of a word, but I can't think of the word that I need, which is the exact opposite. In todays fast-paced world, everyone wants things simple and fast. To get more info please visit



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