Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Happy Birthday, Ann Imig!

I have always loved other people's birthdays, because you get the chance to use their special day as an excuse to let them know what they mean to you, their place in your life -- no questions asked.

Doing it any other regular day of the year, and depending on the receiving end, but it could make someone uncomfortable. We've all seen that situation set up in cartoons and comedies, "You changed my life! Now I will be your life servant! Your wish is my command!"

So yeah no, can't do that. BUT, today is Ann Imig's birthday, and I am going to take this opportunity of an open window that makes it socially acceptable and not scary in any way, to say Thank you, Ann Imig, you changed my life.

When I found your blog annsrants four years ago under Wisconsin bloggers, I never thought that four years later, we'd be working together -- and that I'd be the one bringing life change to others and into their lives.

I hardly recognize myself these days. Taking phone calls while on a treadmill, assembling 14 unique community voices into a beautiful ebb and flow of recognition of the art of motherhood as I bring a show celebrating motherhood to Milwaukee. All of this done with the fierce belief that we are all someone.

From the outside, my community may just see a woman driving around in a mini van that needs vacuuming with too many empty bottles of gatorade rolling around inside, but behind the wheel is a woman with a cast book in the passenger seat and a notepad of things to do right next to it, no longer wondering what she can bring to this world -- because I know now.

I can bring opportunity, and all it took is one person to tell me that all of our actions are a leap of faith.

The internet celebrates you today, Ann Imig -- just this year alone, 300 Listen To Your Mother Show voices. Add in the over 100 voices from Listen To Your Mother voices from last year, and 100 more from the year before, and the 100 from the year before that.

All of us shouting, thinking, feeling, brimming with grateful hearts: THANK YOU, Ann, for creating Listen To Your Mother and taking the leap of faith in us.

We don't do anything alone or without the help of others. And you inspire us to do what you've done, create community and spread the power of connection.

You have founded a movement that is generating universal energy and our words have been catapulted out full force with heart and soul, and that makes it impossible for things to ever be the same. How can they be when all of us involved with Listen To Your Mother are saying "I know what I can bring."

Happy Birthday, Ann Imig. THANK YOU for being on this planet.

* * * 

photo: Rochelle Fritsch


  1. Feeling that Tesla coil! Alexandra, first you took the blogging world by storm, then The Moth, now LTYM, who can imagine what is next???

    Thank you, friend. Huge and many thanks to you.

  2. Happy, happy day to you, Ann. You deserve every bit of this honor.

    And Alexandra? I love how you unabashedly celebrate those whom you admire.

    You are both treasures.

  3. This line, "all it took is one person to tell me that all of our actions are a leap of faith." is oh so very very true. You've both done so many amazing things. Thank you BOTH for being born and Happy Birthday Ann!

  4. smiles...very cool in honoring her this way...not just for her birthday but what she has meant in your life as post...

    happy wednesday

    1. Thanks, B.

      Ann Imig truly knocked my life onto a different path, and I can't say thank you enough. xo

  5. Happy Birthday to you, Ann.
    My son celebrates his first birthday with you. :)

  6. Wonderful tribute from one incredible woman to another. Proud to call both of you friend. (Call both of you friends? Call you both a friend? Call you friends, both of you?) Oh, whatever. I love you guys.

    1. Yes, we are your friendseseses, friendsss'', friends's's's'. FRIEND of more than one. xo

  7. Gatorade bottles.
    So true. So true.
    Happy Birthday Ann...awesome

    1. Kimberly, why don't you apply for LTYM in Canada???? xo

  8. Lovely words. Fun to see where an inspiration draws her inspiration. xo



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