Friday, November 29, 2013

When Black Friday Comes

Just like last year, and the year before that, and the 20 years before that, due to mama be lazy and looooves her pajamas, we're not part of the Black Friday money saving madness. Throw in my husband's motto that he wears on his Tshirt, *spending to save is still spending* and you'll find all of us at home the day after Thanksgiving. I might go out for strawberries later for French toast, we'll see.

Crazy, I know, because who wouldn't want a flat screen TV for every single room in the house? And they're BOGO too??

Because of me staying home the day after Thanksgiving in my well worn mismatched pajamas, sipping on Your Store Brand Here coffee by the steamy mugful, my Value Deal Bing Crosby CD crooning in the background, I'm missing out on a lot, I know:

Like getting my face pepper sprayed for touching someone else's coveted doorbuster Xbox.

Or being trampled underneath while queued up customers duck underneath a lifting store gate.

I could be carried away in a sea of humanity over $2.00 waffle irons.

You could be watching television coverage of me climbing across vats of sweet potatoes to get that video game.

And before you smugly think, Oh, that's only if you go to places like Walmart and Best Buy, there's mosh pits with the hipster crowds at Urban Outfitters, where theft detector devices get trampled down in the insane store opening dash.

Again, this shopping season, we'll be home. Mostly, because shopping season is year round for me and basement shopping over here is like coming upon a really good yard sale somewhere. It's not that we reject the spirit of greed and consumerism, as much as we say No Thank You to the line pushing, and trampling. All that invasion of personal space with strangers, the uncomfortable pressing in on me.  Eeek. 

Time away from being home and cozy, with an extra day in the weekend -- I don't want to spend that day with others. 

Selfish, I know. We just like to be home.

Home, watching on television what goes on in the stores today. You should see the wide-eyed terror in my kids' eyes as they see it all. "Mom? Did that lady just disappear into that crate of long underwear? Two for Ten Dollars?," they ask while wiping away melted butter and warm syrup from their chins.

Yes. She did, honey. And she likes it so much she'll be back again next year.

Repeat after me. Pajamaed legs up on coffee table. Blow across hot coffee. Take steamy sip. Aaaaaah.

* * *    


  1. You know, when I was younger, I always wanted to be a part of what I considered cool -- Black Friday shopping. I imagined my mom or sisters or friends and I would gather in the wee hours, make hot chocolate, and then get deals. I thought this way until I was perhaps 17, had my own job, and realized that not only did I not enjoy being awake at 5 am, but I also didn't really like spending my money. Last year I braved The Gap at an ungodly 2 pm because my daughter wanted to use her birthday gift cards. Thankfully, The Gap isn't exactly where the masses are headed. We were home in an hour. This year, I need a new laptop badly. And yet...I can't imagine going into a store today or this weekend. If I can't get it online, I can't get it.

  2. have been watching some of the aftermath on tv....its crazy...i actually stopped by the mall last night, just to be an observer for a few moments when i was sent out to find something at the grocery...i peeked in on JCPenny and it was rather insane...i left pretty quick...ha...i hate to think what it is like out there today....

  3. I don't do it and nobody can make me do it, I don't care what kind of prices and offers they put out there... it ain't worth it to me! *blows and sips coffee and says aaaaaah

  4. I've never participated in the Black Friday madness. I'll be at home watching movies on Netflix.

  5. I went to Black Friday sales today when I woke up. There were more employees in the stores than customers. It was nice, relaxing, and the deals were pretty good. I'm not a fight the masses type of gal, and being able to get my regular shopping done and pick up some sale items was a pleasant experience.

  6. I'm right there with you. None of us got out of our pjs today. We watched a family movie, ate leftovers, played games. I did do a little shopping online this evening, but no one was trampled in the process. :)

  7. Yup, it's Buy Nothing Day for me, baby!

  8. "Spending to save is still spending" = genius.

    On Black Friday, we Gardners stay home and work on "eating to eat."

    We're fans of plans that require very little effort.

  9. I would wear a shirt like your husband's proudly, but my husband has other plans. Specifically, he has Black Friday plans. So I change out of my pjs, throw on some shopping pants, and join him in a whirl around Walmart for solidarity's sake. It makes him happy, and so I hold his place in line while I people watch and smile at the masses around me. Just between you and me though, I prefer your plans.



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