Tuesday, September 23, 2014

A Candid Q&A (honest)

Today, I play Honest Interview with myself, answering from a combination of questions that have been emailed and posed to me over the last few years, as well as culled from pretend NPR interviews I do to myself while waiting for my kids in the school pick up line.

Alexandra, your name was an unusual one during the time of your youth, to the point of you squeezing your eyes tight and wishing Dorothy-style to be named Debbie, Francie, or Suzy. How do you feel about your name now?

Great question. I like it now, though it is true that in the third grade, I prayed for Francie to be my name in the morning when I woke up. Some people don't care for the length of my name and shorten it to Al, Alex, Ali, Lexie, it's all fine with me. I even answer to Alexander and Alexandria. I'm not particular that way.

Do you really drink as much coffee as you say you do? Or is it part of your persona?

I have a coffee love. Never a problem, but a definite co-dependence but not in a dysfunctional way. Oh, I mean, it's not like I'd be late for Easter mass because I had to get coffee, or like the school principal made a "general" statement about coffee in church is still coffee in the house of God, or like my husband can never find the Starbucks cards he gets from work though he swears he "put 'em right there." I mean, it's not like that at all.

Do you ever have writer's block?

No, I don't. If I need to find an idea, I log on to twitter. There is inspiration ticking by at a mile a minute there.

If you had a hundred dollars, what would you do with it?

Put it in the bank.

If you could live to be 100 years old, what would your birthday party be like?

I would have my favorite meal of Twinkies, Starbucks double espresso, and string cheese. Then I'd either chew it on my own *fingers crossed* or have one of my kids put it in a blender for me.

What google search brings the most people to your blog?

Can Mexicans wear jeggings.

What's your favorite thing about blogging?

Okay, what's my favorite thing about blogging or what's my favorite thing about having a blog?

About blogging.

Blogging is incredible. It's how I solidify and timestamp who I am. I see it as sticking a flag in it and claiming my ideas, my values, my strengths, my confusion, my muddling through, and my joy in this life. Sticking a flag in your life, and making it yours. Do you want to ask me now about why I love having a blog?

I guess.

Having a blog is the first thing that I've created that I planted, nurtured, nourished, fed, watered, tended, and beamed back at with pride. This blog is that one thing that I've done in my life.

What's your favorite thing about life?

The surprises that happen. The juicy delightful moments that make you laugh out loud and wipe your tears away from how lucky you are. That's what I love.

You have a curious face, may we ask, how old are you?

I've heard that before, thank you. Anyway, old enough to remember when water didn't come in bottles.

What kind of people do you like?

Depends on the person. I can like any kind of people if I like the person.

How do you manage change?

First off, thank you, I'm flattered that you see me as someone who is able to. And second, I don't. My coping default is placing a McDonald's napkin over my face and soothechanting ohmygodohmygod until I can't anymore.

What's been your big surprise information discovery that you found out on your own?

It happened a few months ago. I was in the bathroom putting on my make up and when I stepped back to look, it was then it made sense, why magazines advise against black anything on a face over a certain age. It's because a black line near your eyes looks like plastic surgery stitches. You can't wear black anymore, middle age is the time of the very real subconscious question sitting in the mind of the one facing you, "Is it Maybelline, or is it Dr. Costas?"

Do you have any quick tips on how to make yourself attractive in ten minutes or less?

Make me attractive in ten minutes or you attractive in ten minutes?


A surefire trick I've been using for the last nineteen years is to go five days without make up then on the sixth day when I do put on my mascara, blush, and mystic mauve lip-glo I just look so damn good then. Like I started a multi-vitamin or something.

Gladiator Shoes, a $400.00 hobo bag, or a butter soft red leather fitted jacket?

I live in Wisconsin. Nothing comes before two Target infinity scarves atop each other, Dr. Seuss striped fleece mittens, and the colonial pantaloon.

This was wonderful, Alexandra, thank you.

It really was, wasn't it. I enjoyed this time with myself, too. Thank you.

**To Find Out More about Alexandra, you can park behind her at school pick up time. She conducts her interviews daily, and leaves her minivan windows partially open until mid-November.

* * *


  1. You, I love. Sweet, funny, kind lady. xoxo

  2. Today the blog...Tomorrow the World!

  3. Kristin: do one yourself. I'd love to read it!
    Alison: thank you, friend. It's good to see you here!!
    Val: you, oh you. Thank you.
    Estelle: the world of blogging. Where only bloggers care... thank you. xo

  4. Imagining a twinkie, espresso, string cheese smoothie now.

    You are one of a kind, Alexandra. I'm so glad you exist.

  5. I LOVE You! Now off to twitter to look for some ideas ;)

  6. "old enough to remember when water didn't come in bottles."

    I'm totally using this. Thanks.
    I will obviously credit you. I'll say it like this: "Well, as AlexandrIA Rosas says, I'm 'old enough to remember when water didn't come in bottles'."

  7. ..."Is it Maybelline, or is it Dr. Costas?"...Bwahaha! That killed me! I think I called you "A" a couple of times. Because I'm just that lazy. And for terms of endearment purposes. Hope you didn't mind. - L xo

  8. *sits at work, pantalooned (in September)*

  9. You crack me up. Thanks for the laughs! (P.S. That makeup trick is mine, too. Don't tell.)

  10. hahahahhahahaha I even found myself changing voice as I was reading. "so do you want to hear why I like to blog?" … :\ "I guess" so good!

  11. Your 100th birthday dinner is fabulous!
    I'd have Oreos, potato chips and a root beer.
    xo jj

  12. "Put it in the bank." WE ARE ONE AND THE SAME. Meanwhile, my husband has already spent it before we even got it.

  13. Shannon: Best meal ever. One of the best. Breakfast of champions anyway.
    Maureen: twitter , always the twitter, you will never have a writing block.
    Melisa: it's true. We're that old. AND we grew up without computers. HOLY COW.
    LInda: you can call me A anytime. xo
    Arnebya: pantalooning season has struck prematurely this year.
    Hillary: I Have missed you, and the good old days at AL.
    Tess: Me too! I did the same thing with the voice. xo
    Joanna: your birthday dinner sounds perfect!
    LeighAnn: I love money in the bank.



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