Sunday, September 7, 2014

Best of The Internet

September, and summer, have been busy. I've fallen behind with sharing the best of the internet. I want to get back to the weekly links, putting what's out there, out there. There is so much good, also, some pretty cool sites always come my way.

Here's the best of this week (along with some really neat finds via my kids)--


--This blog, ohmygosh, this blog: Sad and Useless humor site. My friend Rochelle found it. And I spent 30 minutes on it though it could have been 30 hours except that, you know, I've started to nod off in my years. Today's feature, "Sad Dads at a One Direction Concert."

--A call for submissions and a writing contest, via The HerStories Project. The editors of My Other Ex and The HerStories Project are seeking submissions for their third anthology, Mothering Through the Darkness: Stories of Post Partum Struggle Details here.

--This is beyond fascinating: How members of The Australian Ballet prep their pointe shoes before a performance. Once they use their shoes, they don't wear them again. It's a must watch. 

--And, finally, this-- The Best of Joan Rivers' stand-up. Joan, you were ahead of your time, and when you broke yourself up with your own punch line, it was my favorite part of all. We'll miss you.

Peace, love, and soak up these last days of what still feels like summer.

* * * 


  1. i have lived through the ballet wife was a ballerina for 18 years...and i have seen what they go through...and what goes on with the feet too...i used to have to drill her toenails to relieve the pressure so they would not pop that is love...smiles.

  2. OMG, the "sad dads" post is hilarious. Thank you.

  3. My daughter and I adored the pointe shoe video. Thank you!

  4. Brian, I request a poem on your wife dancing!
    Lady Jennie: truly riveting, isn't it?
    WhenIBlink: EVERY DAY, I love this site.
    Anna: SadandUseless never disappoints.



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