Saturday, October 25, 2014

Blogging Like It's 2009 - 5 Random Things About Me

Old School Mean Pretend Teacher
Picture if you will, a time when blogging was a small circle comprised of people who found blog fodder through blog hops, memes, themes, and tagging. It was a time when blogging awards were given out like stickers at a Dr.'s office after you behaved for your exam.

The time, 2009. The blogosphere then, a commenting wonderland. Today, that period in blogging history is known as "Old School." A lot of us miss old school. Mr. Linky misses old school.

My corner of the blogosphere is raising Old School Days up from the dead with a meme, and I am deliriously answering Yes Yes Yes like the brunette in the Clairol Herbal Essence shampoo commercial. Vikki Reich of UpPoppedaFox, thank you so much for tagging me old school style, with "5 Random Things About Me."

1. When I was little, I would pretend-have school with my dolls. I would line them up in front of me, all of them leaning against the baseboard, and lord over them. Contrary to my online image, I was not a kind nor patient teacher. "YOU!," I'd scream, "in the red pigtails with the freckles! Sit up straight, I don't care if you're filled with sawdust!"

2. In Catholic kindergarten, I thought the songs we sang in church were "My Country Tisothee" and "Gladly the Cross-eyed Bear." Obviously, the name of America before it was America was Tisothee, and Gladly, well, he was cross-eyed and Jesus was going to fix that right up as long as we kept petitioning on his behalf.

3. I was a sneaky, willful five year old. Slyly slipping downstairs to watch unsupervised and scared out of my gourd, my one and only love Rod Serling on the Twilight Zone. Heart palpitations and sweaty palms, absolutely, but I have been addicted to the narrative arc ever since.

4. I have trypophobia. If you don't know what it is, DON'T LOOK IT UP. In fact, forget I said this.

5. One of the significant events in my life that has contributed to me now being a quiet adult, are memories like the time on the 3rd grade playground when I assumed everyone was lactose intolerant as I was. Thus causing me to pose the following rhetorical question in a casual, relaxed tone to the fellow 3rd graders around me, "Don't you guys just HATE how ice cream and milk make you poop in your pants?" The response of stunned silence let me know I had scored another point for Miss Popularity.

I now joyously tag the following 5 bloggers for 5 Random Things About Me:

Jocelyn of O Mighty Crisis
Leslie of Hungry Little Animal
Jenny Kanevsky of  In Other Words
Casey of Life with Roozle, and
Deborah of Peaches and Coconuts

*Hey, you too can turn back the hands of time. Don't wait to be tagged for 5 Random Things. You go and do it yourself, go ahead. Be a free will loving blogging hippie from 2009.

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  1. Ah, you just made me miss the late "oughts." I did so many of these back in the late 2000s that I need, now, to go review them and remember what random tidbits I revealed. Something about someone peeing in a sink, I do believe.

    Good times.

  2. Love this. Random facts make me feel much more intimate with someone...
    Don't miss the blog awards, though.

  3. Oh no!! #5!!

    And is that picture really you? You look like your mom!!

  4. holes...oh my....ha...smiles....

    1. i danced ballet
    2. i was a travelling clown
    3. i will eat literally anything in the world...except lima beans
    4. i have a 12 inch scar on my leg for trying to mess with a bull
    5. kiefer sutherland once said hi to me.

  5. I used to be best friends with Shari. She was exactly like you. Now, I have to go find out what happened to her and see if she is still lactose intolerant.

  6. #5 - mortification.
    Love that picture of you.
    Also, love old school blogging. I'm tagging myself.

  7. Don't miss the blog awards, but do miss the comments. #5 cracked me up! Possibly more embarrassing is to be hanging upside down on the monkey bars and have a boy pull your pants down. That's my little random fact for ya.

  8. Oh, you made me laugh. Thank you! And even though I was a little late to the blogging party, it was old school enough that I miss it, too.

  9. Look at you looking all movie star famous in that pic! (It doesn't even appear that you are squeezing cheeks from a dairy run in...sorry that was uncalled for, but I am cracking up here!!!)

  10. Jocelyn: Here's to Old School Blogging!
    Jenni: those blog awards! I had a page set aside for them!
    Lady Jennie: You think so? WHAT a compliment. Thank you!!!
    Brian: These have got to the be The Top 5 Random Facts of the Internet!
    Maria: Please tell Shari to call me and commiserate.
    Alison: There you go!
    Lori: That's awful. I had a boy in 4th grade try the same thing as I walked home, but my brother stopped him.
    Rita: I LOVED that you laughed. Please do a 5 Random Facts?
    Andrea: funny lady. I love you. xo

  11. That picture is gorgeous. So sleek.

    Love this. I'm going back and back and back and reading all of the taggers of all of the other taggers and getting five things about everyone. Love it!

    But I am with Jenni - those awards. Gah. I had a page about them, too. NO MORE!



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