Friday, October 10, 2014

That Day in July, 2010

My stats show that this blog just reached 1,403,370 views.

I remember the day my traffic spiked. It was July 31, 2010. I had been blogging for almost five months, when I wrote this post.

I wasn't yet on Facebook or twitter, nor was I stumbling or pinning, but the good and generous friends I had made in those few months since I went online shared my post. This post won BlogHer Keynote Voice of The Year and I had the unimaginable opportunity to read it aloud at my first BlogHer Conference, which was in San Diego that year. 

People tell me that I'm generous with sharing their work, tweeting it, posting it, putting it on Facebook. I'm generous, because I learned it from you.

Thank you all, for what you did for me four years ago.

You pretty much changed my life.

I won't ever forget that.

* * *


  1. You are one of the most generous, loving people I know through blogging. Lucky me. xo

  2. Congrats))
    it is apparent that you are dearly loved!

  3. Well that is pretty much the entire Canadian population...I remember meeting you on twitter and you mentioned something about Canadians and I had to represent yo!

  4. wow...that is quite a few views....
    i appreciate your encouragement and community
    the last several years....your story telling is def
    an inspiration as well...

  5. Brian: we met through VodkaMom. You've been in my online life since, and I appreciate your presence, and Auggie does especially.
    Kim: I still madly crush on Canadians.
    My Inner Chick: thank you so much. I have been so happy since I began blogging, and the stories people entrust us with, is nothing short of inspiring. Thank you
    Alison: you are a bright spot every time I log on. xo

  6. Just sit there and take all our thanks and love, Ms. A; there are so many of us whose blogging lives--and therefore "real" lives--you've touched and changed, and I love seeing the string of appreciative comments starting to line up here (btw. the part in your post there about getting manic when a post has been up for an hour, yet no one's commented...OMG, yes, I have been that person).

    Just by being you, you're teaching me tons. And I never saw you coming. That's the very best kind of gift, really.

    Hallelujah for that day in 2010!!

  7. So wise to mark a special moment and remember it. xo

  8. Found your blog recently and absolutely love it. Am starting one soon so am printing out your valuable advice! Thank you!

  9. And you have changed mine, too, Alexandra--in more ways than you could ever imagine. So grateful to have met you in this space. Off to read now. XOXO

  10. Thank you , everyone. Pleasure to meet you, LBD. And Jocelyn, Ann, and Charlotte: you three, exceptional human beings. xo



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