Sunday, October 12, 2014

The Best of The Internet

The week's best, links that had me saying, I gotta share this.

Have a beautiful week, guys.

--An eye-opener: An hour of sitting affects our heart health, but a study reveals that just 5 minutes of walking every hour can help. "Five-minute walks prevented the decline of blood flow and arterial function during sitting. Walking does not erase the effect of sitting, it just does not allow sitting to be as harmful." Read more here 

--What happens when 2nd graders are treated to a 7-course, $220 a person meal. From the NYT: and absolutely delicious. Watch and see.

--Just for fun, and an interesting read, who wants to know how hard life is for a billionaire? A handful tell us here, and one of the most common complaints? "What adds to the stress: billionaires can never publicly complain about how tough their money-filled lives sometimes are, because everyone else will freak out." How right they are.


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  1. Off to read. Here's one that moved incredible that someone took the time to try to understand from students' perspective.

  2. I've always loved your reading suggestions, you're how I found some of my favorite bloggers.

  3. ha that video of the kids at dinner is so cute....smiles...
    oy not sure i want to read the last one...nor would i want to be rich...i am sure they have problems...just very different from my own..ha

  4. They did (or do?) that kids taste test thing in France. The chef wars involve serving to kids. So cute!

  5. Brian: Me, too. loved what they said and the visible joy of the moment.

    Amanda: GREAT SHARE. Thank you!

    Jessica: Thank you!

    Lady Jennie: Isn't it wonderful???



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