Wednesday, March 18, 2015

6 Quick and Spritely Ways to Lose 6 Ounces!

Food is fun. And if you and your family have a heart for itty bitty Lilliputian things like we do, then you can have yourselves a blast preparing these cute little snack could-be-dinner items. In the process, you have the fringe benefit of incidentally losing up to half a pound over six months from mini snacking where you barely have to open your mouth. How cute a time of munching is that?! [rhetorical question, please don't answer]

Pixie Meal #1 - Take one thin slice of apple, slice it even thinner. Arrange in artful pinwheel and dot with one raisin. YUM. And on an appetizer plate? So adorable.
Pixie Meal #2 - One itsy beef cold cut, rolled up so cute and tight, then cut into 1/4 and set next to just an oh so outer edge of tomato. Hors d'oeuvres for one! FUN!

Snack Time? Meal Time? #3 - Three crunchy and satisfying baby carrots, premium brand only, atop a generous tomato slice. My mouth is watering!

Yay! Time for MiniMeal #4 - See? You can eat all dingdangday long because it's mini meals! A coleslaw cup o'lettuce hits the spot around 3 PM., right about the time your vision gets dotty. 

Ho ho! No time to say "I'm full!" because you still have Meal #5 - Look what awaits you, the world's bittiest quesadilla. How can you say no? You don't!

What? Time to eat again? Yes, my friend, it is. Mini Meal #6 - And for you, it's slice of pizza time! All you need are 10 Cheerios strategically aligned in a pie shape with one stable counting finger (check that blood sugar).

Got all your travels in, Gulliver? Awesome! Now's the time you reward yourself with aaaaall the bread. Baked bread, pressed bread, crunchy bread, raisin bread. All the full-sized gluten, all of it for full sized you. 

If at the end of the day, your stomach still sounds like a steamroller over fresh granite, you can always lose your mind and have all you want of gazing at this ceramic burger that my son made in art class. I can't fall asleep on an empty stomach, so I keep this on the kitchen counter. Just looking at it makes me sigh with full-belly contentment.

At zero calories, not even taking in the sun is a better deal.

Ceramic burger most satisfying when ogled while munching marmalade toast.



  1. I'm very busy running the mental film of you putting together these Wee Snacks for the photos. I want to be in that kitchen.

    1. It is so much fun. And lucky me, my kids are dorks just like I am and they encourage me! "Go mama, that one is SOOOPER CUTE!"

  2. Eating a bowl of plain oatmeal as I read this and kind of wishing it was an adorable petite portion. Maybe with one single raisin artfully displayed on top?

    1. Cuteness makes a difference in the quality of life, Andrea. xo

  3. How Ironic.
    I was just looking at Dr. Phil's book, 20/20 Diet on Amazon.
    The meals, I believe, are a bit like these.
    SIGH))) Damn.
    which proves, there is NO easy way to lose weight!!!

  4. Mmmm, this made me hungry for my breakfast of half a hard-boiled egg.

    Bon appetit!

  5. I want someone to come over and make me a wee-snack or maybe 20.

  6. This made me laugh! Must.have.carbs.



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