Sunday, March 13, 2016

"Because Parenting Never Ends... "

When my first baby was born, I was desperate for company. I had to find a space where others looked like and walked around like me, dazed-confused-befuddled-panicked. I found it in my birthing hospital's Diaper Bag Club. Sweet mother of God, those women saved me.

Now that first baby is away at college. Cue the ugly cry. I miss him and I'm not a fan of people telling me, "YOU NEED TO LET THEM GROW UP YOU SICK SICK SICK WOMAN." I want to be with others, who fall apart at the grocery store when they pass the Dr. Pepper on the shelf because it's his favorite soda and you don't have to bring it home any more!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I have found such a group, Grown and Flown. "Because parenting never ends." They've got a great community and are a fantastic resource for those like me, with children about to launch.

My friend, the brilliant haiku-ist (how cool am I that I know a haiku master) Peyton Price and I collaborated on a piece for Grown and Flown. We write of  "The BlurbText," when you have to parent from a distance. With the promise of a 3-second text, there's a 50/50 chance your kids will read it.

And if not, well, at least you know you did your part to warn them about the importance of eating 5 baby carrots a day. *it's true*

I hope you click over and read our BlurbTexts. We've included a starter pack of beginner's texts for you.


* * *


  1. I feel girl. My oldest is finishing his second year locally (still living home) and is about to go do his next 2 in the big, bad city...which I actually love and don't fear at all, but he will be away from me :(


    Apparently, those people have their kids living next door to them!

    I get it. I know where you're coming from.

    It feels like when I was a child and I my mom and dad went out for the evening and I was really lonely for them in the pit of my stomach.

    Yeah, that's what kind of what it feels like.

    xxx love from MN.



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