Thursday, March 10, 2016

The Inside Voice Podcast: Hear it, Here

A year ago, I read one of the funniest posts on lice. Lice can be funny, if recounted with a deft hand. Such was the job of humorist, Jennifer Scharf .  I had to find more of what this funny woman had written, so I googled her name. The first link that came up was "symposium to be held on quantum mathematics this Friday..." and I read no further, I mean, not to undersell humor writers, but probably not the lice-writer I was looking for.

I tried again, "Jennifer Scharf+Lice."


It took me to her house.

It was late at night, but I sent her an email. Not too gushing, but definitely to let her know how much I had enjoyed her writing on the universal subject of childhood: lice. I hit send, and went to bed, trying hard not to scratch my head. Five days later, she got back to me, we liked each other and one year later, she's invited me on her newly launched podcast, Inside Voice, where she hosts humor writers from around the web.

Life, like lice, wait -- no, not like lice. But, life: very funny

You can listen to us talk back and forth on humor, storytelling, and hear us bond over the shock of childbirth and the shared love of  good, twisted humor.

I'd love to have you drop in and give us a listen here.

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  1. Brilliant)))))

    O. M. G.

    Your "Date Night" was FAaaBULOUS!

    I very much appreciate your words, insight, & humor.

    thank you for the giggle.

  2. I am so excited to listen to on this podcast! I'm late to the game, but I am going to do some serious listening. Yay for you!



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