Monday, July 4, 2016

For 28 Years: The Reading of The Declaration of Independence

And now we will celebrate Independence Day, as we do every year at MORNING EDITION, with our reading of the Declaration of Independence.

22 years ago, I first heard NPR's Morning Edition's staff read aloud Thomas Jefferson's draft of The Declaration of Independence. I had read it before, in grade school, but had never had it read to me.

NPR has read The Declaration of Independence aloud on the 4th of July for 28 years now. It takes on depth and meaning when you have no words in front of you for you to filter through. Instead your heart takes in the passion and the confidence of those striking out with what they felt was right: a new union.

What the states pledge to each other is something we need to remember in this year of 2016.

Give it a listen, have your family with you, it will take residence in all your actions as you set out today on this 4th of July.

NPR Annual Reading of The Declaration of Independence

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