Monday, July 18, 2016

Love Stories? Listen To Your Mother Milwaukee Videos Are Up!

This past May,  LISTEN TO YOUR MOTHER Milwaukee held its 4th annual LTYM show at Alverno College’s Pitman Theatre. Our 11 local storytellers came together, from once entering as strangers on a morning of auditions, to a cast whose stories could not have been more seamless had we written them together.

Every year, LTYM MKE stands back amazed at how our cast’s stories flow from one to the next. It astounds, still, after almost five years of bringing LTYM to Milwaukee. Milwaukee is 1 of 41 cities hosting a LISTEN TO YOUR MOTHER show, and we get chills when we think how in 41 other cities, this same magical bond happens.

We are proud to share the 2016 LISTEN TO YOUR MOTHER videos, which are now live on LTYM’s YouTube channel. We’ll be sharing individual videos this week on our FB page. We are grateful to our video sponsor local sponsor Orphonic Multimedia. LISTEN TO YOUR MOTHER Milwaukee also wishes to thank North American sponsors SheKnows BlogHer ‪#‎BlogHer16‬, Luvs, local media sponsor metroparent magazine, and local sponsor SHOP. *A portion of our ticket sales benefited The Parenting Network, a truly special organization. We were proud to partner with them.

Given the current events, the necessity of hearing each others’ stories has never been more glaring. To step into people's lives is the only way to unite through the lens of community. We are each valuable and we need to see each other that way to realize that.

We are so proud of the LTYM MKE 2016 cast, for their sharing of self, their lives, their words, and their commitment to building bridges and coming together in our community.

You can watch our LISTEN TO YOUR MOTHER Milwaukee videos here.

Remember loving being read to as a child? You can capture that same wondrous feeling for yourself again, by listening to Listen To Your Mother stories as you walk, run, sit, drive, take a few minutes for you.

From first auditions to two rehearsals to final show day, because of support, love, and the belief that we each held for each other, our cast shines. That’s the power in being given the opportunity to be heard and seen.

We wish this for everyone, and we believe this is what the world needs: to be seen and heard.

Milwaukee thanks you, dear LISTEN TO YOUR MOTHER 2016 cast. You are amazing.

Jennifer Gaskell
Rochelle Fritsch
Alexandra Rosas
Listen To Your Mother/Milwaukee

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