Wednesday, July 13, 2016

When They Crave People, and You Crave Solitude

Growing up in a house of  nine people, I had one wish. As a child, there were a thousand wants, to be sure, but there was just the one wish: to be alone.

I craved the stillness of no voices, the room to breathe without interaction. I didn't want it 24 hours at a time, but I intuitively knew I needed this state of being at least a few times in my day. Otherwise, life felt like one of those birthday parties that went on too long.

Life among voices and engagement left me spent.

I'm still that way, my children, however, seek out company.

How do I parent when my children and I need opposite things and we share a home? I explore that with my newest post up on Mom Babble, Parenting When You're an Introvert.

I hope you'll click over and maybe we can share my favorite type of company, the kind that understands each other through the silence.


* * *


  1. Hi, I came across your postpartum recovery story tonight and it brought comfort for me. I don't know anyone who has personally went through it so it is hard for people to understand. I really could use some support...someone to talk to. If you could connect with me that would be awesome !! ........

    1. HI, I"ve tried and tried to find you and can't. I hope you return, if you do, please email me!!



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