Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Do It, Plug In Summer

Summer nights, sliding open the patio door to hear the rise and fall of crickets answering to each other. A look outside brings flashes of fireflies that like summer, lasting not a second. The rustle of leaves ready you for the warm breeze you'll seen feel.

My hands swim through cooling dish water as I clean up a late night supper of sweet corn and sausages. Behind me I hear the laughter shared between two brothers, catching up from months apart at school. Their closeness hasn't changed and this is the gift of summer. It reconnects us, reacquaints us, reminds us of the ones we began life with.

I hope that one day when a summer wind softly blows across their brow, that memories sail in with it of a summer night with a brother, long ago.
* * *

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